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Affirmative comments


Affirmative or constructive comments stimulate us a lot. It’s an art to speak in that way. Even in this wordpress world, we always feel better to read comment which has got something to tell us positively. It could be even a critic one, but makes us to wear a thinking hat after reading it.

I don’t mind whatever you tell me as I have a got a filer to my senses and a powerful blessing of short term memory with respect to the bad. 😉 (Of curse, it doesn’t mean that I am trouble-free.)

But I have seen some offensive comments, going on here and there, especially with people who may not have such a “filter”.

Why do we want to hurt someone’s ego with an offensive comment..?

So just a thought:

Why can’t we make them smile with our comment..?

Why can’t we make them feel better with our approach..?

Please don’t hesitate to offend me now, if you feel in the other way. 😉

People may tell like, “I don’t mind whatever you think about me. I will say whatever I think”. Even then, my question is, “Do your inner self agree to your offensive nature? Can you still continue without least botheration of your words..?”

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries. She loves to decode signs from the universe. Akhila is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion. She bleeds out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through her blog and twitter handle.

89 thoughts on “Affirmative comments

  1. Certain people cannot survive without spilling venom. Haters gonna hate.

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  2. He he..on what…….and nothing more to say as you made me laugh on this onam day, reading your comment..,😂😂

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  3. We can only give what we have, if somebody is offensive, that means he or she owns nothing but hurt deeply and sharing the same with the world.

    We can be compassionate for them empathize with them.

    May God fill them with love and compassion so that they can share abundance of same.

    Now something out of context,

    Nobody can hurt you without your consent.
    People can hurt us physically but not on emotional ground. It’s more about how we perceive them . We can be compassionate and ignore them or get hurt with their offensive attack.

    Here being short term memory as you said is boon .

    This makes you even more successful as a blogger, as I had quoted that you can handle toddler and older one with equal grace.

    Hats off to you as blogger.


  4. There is another category tooo.. people who coment without knowing what they are commenting..Some don’t even read the post and go through other comments on te post and pick one and type it out..
    Anyway I went on tangent..

    Right coming back .. I think it easier for people to write such comments because they can hide behind the name handle.. who knows who they are where they are.. and sometimes it’s the weakling who don’t have the guts to say anything at the face who will hide behind the anonymity and take there frustration out.

    I have had my share of such people.. but never minds I don’t back down myself so things have gone too far but I have always tried to write politely .. I mean using fold language doesn’t prove anyone’s point or that they r right..

    Ignore.. best thing…😀😀😀

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  5. Affirmative comments leads to better production of good posts… it doesn’t cost to be nice so I don’t understand why people behave the opposite.
    Anyway… nice post, people should read this.

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  6. or instead of negative post why cant we just leave a smily 🙂 on that post …
    also for reply of such thought , coz for me nothing is more effective than a smile…. it could mean ignorance or satisfaction or both at a same time.

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  7. A thoughtful post… I have often wondered why people have to use foul words n resort to harsh criticism… There is always a way to say things n criticism can also be worded without actually pulling someone down…but I guess some just don’t have basic sense…I usually don’t rise to the bait n retort back with more sweetness…

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  8. Another thoughtful post Akhila😀

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  9. Inner positivity reflects in our words…

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  10. Never my habit to poke anyone☺ …unless someone pokes me beyond my limits.

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  11. Positive comments appreciates and encourages the writer to write more ! If we can make someone happy with our few words , I don’t think there is any harm . But yes, some people think being offensive made them popular or may be they grab some attention that’s not true your few words may demoralize someone that’s not acceptable at any cost !
    Good deed

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  12. Some will make yo feel like a fool ,happend to me too .so called close frnd had to say that I can not decorate words when I started writing .Well its not that I don’t like criticism but when people try to pull you down ,you just get it .

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  • U know Akhila I do just that to make people happy and be a family even if they don’t like it. Good read.

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  • Don’t respond to negative comments. Ignoring them is the best thing we can give those “hurt souls”.

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  • Very true words Akhila, there are people who spread light, warmth around them, and there are people who prefer hurting others, without thinking or deliberately, never realizing what you give out to universe sooner or later returns to you!

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  • Some people are jealous and that’s why they comment bad. Constructive criticism is great but saying bad isn’t great. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t bother about those persons. Let them burn in jealousy.😉


  • I always believe that the comment should be an honest feedback of the reader. If he has a different point of view from that of the writer, he can definitely put it across well, without writing anything insulting. A positive comment makes the writer happy that his work is appreciated, while a critical comment helps the writer improve and grow!

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  • hahaha…..(ithenneppatti aano?) “Please don’t hesitate to offend me now, if you feel in the other way” – liked this part ma’am akhila!

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  • One more comment. How do you tell someone with “no filter” and an uncaring attitude they their comments hurt others without causing a riot, or turmoil??


  • Oooohhhhh …… I get it. I don’t know but I tried to come up with a justifiable reason for the other person. In a kind way.. could I have done better?

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  • What I’m learning is that anything we do or say can offend someone. If I post a glass of tap water, someone will be upset that I don’t drink their brand of filtered water. Others are offended by a colour they don’t like. The key, for me, is to anticipate how a negative person will react to what I’m going to say. When/if it happens, I either have a prepared answer or say nothing.

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  • Every platform has its own limitations, people often tend to forget that.. Saying bad words, negative points, insulting others gives them bliss often.. I believe ignorance is bliss here.. Arguing with insane doesn’t make you sane..

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  • I wasn’t trying to rhyme, I promise. Damnit, I did it again.

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  • Hmm a thought provoking discussion. Is it then necessary or wanted when people comment saying what they honestly feel?? Is the truth people seek or do they seek to make themselves feel better than other by tearing at people’s souls with their offensive comments? Do keep this discussion going even if it ventures off topic.

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  • Some people get a kick out of being difficult to others. When it comes to a blog, it is a person’s choice if he wants to read or not or comment or not.
    A fruitful discussion that takes the topic somewhere or sheds light on it is indeed welcome. Simply being offensive because you don’t agree with something, isn’t.
    I don’t think these people spend any time with their inner selves. It is more like….go…see…read…react! Also, what about people who call your post Nice, Wonderful, Awesome and nothing more? Plugging their old unrelated posts to your post?

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  • You are right but sometimes you have to act like that to avoid unnecessary arguments by those judgemental people who dont know anything about your story but are very quick to make negative comments about your actions. For those kinda reactions i try to be polite as much as i can by saying that i respect your views but i don’t expect anyone to respect mine as it doesn’t matter to me.

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  • People make comments that hurt ego’s because their ego is hurt and instead of them communicating their hurt, or communicating irritation in a proper way, they resort to hurting others. It’s a way of shutting down which causes more pain. I think for the most part, pleasant people try their best to make others smile and feel better with their comments to comfort them or just to be an all around pleasant person that wants to spread love. Perhaps your inner self never agrees with hurtful or painful words, speaking on my own account, I spew harmful words when hurt deeply and feeling frustration from being unable to express my emotions. I also spew unpleasant words when people poor acid on my already festering wounds. I will say, I am trying to do a better job by holding myself accountable for what I say. But people should remember, although we all have a higher soul self, we are still human and experience human emotions. I think I answered everything, let me know your thoughts.

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