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61 thoughts on “Forever young

  1. സമയം എത്രയായി?😉……,,joke apart, nice one Akhila….👍

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  2. This is beautifully romantic… ❤

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  3. Love keeps you young but the feeling of being in love is never ever a day older (as long as Cupid’s arrow stays struck in place)

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  4. But we never can be forever young: just engaged in the world!


  5. Beautifully penned lines 🙂

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  6. love if nurtured well can never age, it just grows over time, I loved the thought.

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  7. Keeping some memories fresh in our heart is best gift we come present ourselves and enjoy this endeavor 💖💕

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  8. Beautiful , Akhila 🙂

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  9. beautiful writing..you always make me think

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  10. That’s so short and sweet 😊

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  11. that was something different.. loved it

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  12. This is so beautiful Akhila ♡👍

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  13. Wonderful poem Akhila! I love its message!

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  14. Akhila,this is really lovely.😊

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  15. Hey Akhila… this is such a beautiful thought… Just Wow

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