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Female Behaviour-7


Venue: A shopping mall

He: Make it fast. We are running short of time.

She: Five more minutes.

(After 1o minutes)

He: Did you select anything?

She: You see, I am neither impressed at the first looks nor can I select something of poor quality.  And so five more minutes…;)


Author: Akhila

An emotionally colored and emotionally neutral woman flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of her soul.

124 thoughts on “Female Behaviour-7

  1. And even after 5 hours we cannot find anything nice. Kuch quality hi nahi hai😂

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  2. Nice post like it 🙂 ❤
    i like your article somuch ..
    thanks for share it ..
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  3. Haahaa…too much risk is involved when going out for shopping with girls..i don’t whether its a matter o quality or uncertainity in mind that consume a lot of time.Recently i had shopped for my sister’s wedding clothings and i took many sweet naps in shop between some 2-3 hrs.

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    • ha ha..we took 3-4 days for the purchase of my brother’s wedding too..;).. you know, it is a matter of selecting the best for our dear ones 😉


      • It was a story of one day only its been 3 months since every weekend we went for shopping and i never be able to say no to her too as she’s most dearest to me.From these shopping sessions all i understand is the more we see more we get confuse because when we are at best place,everything is best…3-4 days i can buy in max 2 hrs😂😂😛

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  4. The same old story. Girls will always Shop. Guys will always carry the Bags.

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  5. My answer usually is….why don’t you go ahead and get a Subway…I will be a while. 😉😂😂

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  6. heheh yes we like to settle for the best 😛

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  7. Ya,when we are spending money on it,we need time to decide.

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  8. Typical 😎😎

    So what was the rush for…

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  9. I get really pissed off when my mom shops.,so does dad.I just would tell if anyone would like to go shopping go ahead on their own….and not to eat the head of the person accompanying stating whether it is nice or not,especially if that poor person(like me) has no sense of style,or has no idea about type of fabrics.
    And if that person is looking out for a nice bookstore eventhough you are not gonna allow them to buy a single book.

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  10. Hahaha nice Akhila and the same old story that the guys do not like to go shopping with their girls and if the girls waste time then they start arguing and this is the way it will always be so better go on your own and have a blast. Nice post.

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  11. Save yourself the trouble and let the ladies shop fellas……it’s a battle you will never win. You never know, she may pick something out for you because of your thoughtfulness. Let women be women!

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  12. Typical!! Get used now😂😄

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  13. A friend on Facebook keeps posting selfies of his ‘shopping face’ as he sits … and sits … outside changing cubicles!

    Something like this … 😦

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  14. Haha, sounds like me sometimes.

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  15. Irrespective of he/she, if you want to buy something special, you tend forget your clock! The other day, it was a long search for a specific toy for our boys by the boys for the boys! 😉

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  16. Quality matters!Girls are more prominent for that,perhaps.lol.

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  17. Hahaha…very true..

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  18. I never understood this lack of decisiveness.
    I guess with a society that places so much emphasis on female appearance it makes sense but damn – my girlfriend takes forever!

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  19. It’s always fun shopping with females real test for your patience…lol…


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