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New Gen


Child : Why are you scolding me, mom?

Mom : Because you are crossing the limits .

Child   : Dear mom, when you scold me, I will start crying. Seeing me crying, you will feel very bad. So why do you want to make both of us worried by scolding me?

Mom  : Pling !!


Author: Akhila

always in love......

64 thoughts on “New Gen

  1. Hahaha sheer innocent blackmailing

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  2. Oh yes they are very good at using the tears as a guilt weapon

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  3. ‘Cheap’ psychology. 😉

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  4. Hahaha what a smart answer akhila

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  5. Like a friend’s kid said out loud: “Mom, why you pinching me.. ” And then everyone glared at the mom, and not the son who was the mayhem until then 😛

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  6. Haha.. I wish I was as smart as this kid when I was young. 😉

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  7. Haha….interesting conversation…thudarnoloo, kelkatte

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  8. Absolutely Innocent presentation of highly intelligent kids!
    God will save future parents..lol…I am scared for them…
    They are sheer super computers haha..

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  9. So smart is our next GEN, want to stop them, right there. Children Rocks, mummy shocks ! 😀

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  10. hahaha that is so true Akhila, I too say the same words to my mom and hen we laugh out loud :D. Everything gets solved 😉 😀

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  11. Haha! I could see myself there! I do that with my mum quite often….and I love her for she has tolerated me all these years :))
    Great one 👍

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  12. Haha 😂

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  13. Hahha… kids are too smart nowadays.. and this pic made me LOL… Akhila you have depicted aptly. 👍

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  14. So hard to handle the Ultra new generation 🙂

    Perfect image for the post, Akhila 🙂

    I do encounter similar situations almost every other day with my five year old daughter around 🙂

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  15. Mom : Since you know that I will be upset in the end. Why can’t you be a good boy? I don’t want to scold you and make you cry. Everybody remains happy. 🙂

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  16. This never happens with me rather than countering her words I would say sorry and accept my mistake which makes her feel happy 🙂

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  17. ugh I’m dealing with 4 months of rage so far from my teen

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  18. This happens all the time…

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  19. Hahahahhaa, this is so so true. You hit the nail right in the head Akhila

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  20. Haha. So true!! Reminds me of my nieces😂

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