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Tell me why it is a mistake


I made a mistake. Next, what am I going to do?

First of all, I understood it as a mistake from my side. Then, I accept it and correct it. I also take some precautions so that it won’t recur.

Should I stop here..?

No… something more is there, which is in fact much much important and easily ignored fact.

Explain why it is found as a mistake.

This is very important, because someone else might have followed my deeds along with my mistakes. When I am accepting my mistake, he should understand why it became a mistake now. Otherwise I am paying injustice to him.

I will be learning from my mistakes, (of course if I wish only) but in addition I have to ensure that I haven’t mislead anyone. So I need to explain why it is mistake now. This “why” factor is very important.

When you are accepting and explaining the mistakes, it reveals the “BEST” in you.

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

54 thoughts on “Tell me why it is a mistake

  1. Sure. Good thoughts…

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  2. True that in explaining the mistakes we reveal the best in us. Mistakes corrected give us a chance to think in a positive way next time and as said ‘Wise is the one who learn from someone else mistakes’.

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  3. Indeed—the reasons behind it, always count. 🙂

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  4. Well expressed ma’am…. the ‘WHY’ of a mistake.. also liked your comment on our educational system(chodichotte, profession entha urs??)

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  5. You have added a new dimension to thought process. Not only realizing the mistake but accepting it and then explaining the reason for it. It will be a step towards turning in to a responsible person.

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  6. In Gujarati idiom it is said that…wait..I’m not going to shock you by Gujarati language so I translation..” If one isn’t mistaking then one isn’t learning anything.”

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    • yes every mistakes are great lessons…
      Are you from Gujarat..?

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      • I even made mistake in quoting mistake. Yes, I am from Gujarat. Where are you from

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          • That’s great. The state which has the highest education in India

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            • Yes, the God’s own country..
              But do you think that the education is going in the right way? generic comment, nothing related to kerala..
              in fact our educational system is merely serving the purpose to obtain high marks in exam, there by ensuring job security in future. Yes it is required.. but now I am understanding, it’s not the true education. true education will make the best out of you, will enhance your skills, instead directing you through some pre-defined path, as the case now ..

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              • Kerala, God’s own country. True words. I visited linkedin profile and learned that you studied from NIT which is one of the most prestigeous college in India. I’m really lucky enough to talking to you.To the point lack of skill developing and future jo security India. I would like to quote. Gujarat is business minded people. ‘A state of enterpreneur’. I could proudly say these words if it was before 2000. There was a time in Gujarati society where having a small shop is more prestigeous than being a class one officer. As time passed and privatisaion of education happened in India. Awareness of education spread here. Which is infact good, but now I would like to say that as being son of business man my father would be happy to see more happy to see me as a bank clerk calculating Gandhijis more than running his business. As being a enterpreneur one would rather face a challange which is rather not seen in books. And from experinces skills are build
                instinctively. From how to register a company to, how deal with corrupt official(really important skill in India, I would suggest) how to lower production cost without having a CA or accountant. It also creates more job opportunities too. But first things first, the main point is dare to taking a risk. Our current education system is making us more coward than we ever were. Getting admission in college base through only whole lot knowledge and get a job according to grades is pointless. It will never teach you lessions of life other than becoming a book worm what I call myself. Ohh God! I have written more than I would know. I would say, to build skills in students of India. India education system has to provide something from which Indian students love to take risk not waste sleepless nights in tension for JEE score or highschool crush. Last one was right though .

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                • so happy to meet similar minded people. really enjoyed your words. you rightly said that our educational system is making us more coward. In my life time, never i found a teacher who taught about being an entrepreneur. In fact as a normal Indian kid i also dared about the business world, the risk world…but now I am realizing the importance of that risk…started to enjoy challenges when I entered into an IT world.
                  what are you doing..?
                  in between i was working in NIT, not studying there.

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  7. Interesting you bring this up. I am so sick of my workplace for one reason because of the way people deal with other’s mistakes. They like the revel in them almost like children. Today some folks had to run into another room to watch someone get scolded for a mistake. Everyone is almost happy when someone else makes one. But on the other hand, won’t admit if they make their own mistake. It’s always finger pointing and shaming. I am desperately trying to find another job because the energy is draining and negative.

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    • well.. we can not escape totally from this political issues. we can have a change in work environment. but from my experience, these kinds of drama will be happening all around us..
      thanks for sharing your views..

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  8. That’s a good and wise thought. In a way no harm should be inflicted on anybody through your deeds!

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  9. accepting mistake in itself becomes very difficult somtimes -but if we can overcome that and find a how for it – it is the best thing that we can do to make mistake into a learning .. nice thoughts akhila….

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  11. It’s lovely you extend your learning to make sure others know you made a mistake and where and when it happened 🙂

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    • Thanks daisy.. But symbolically I used the word “I”.. it’s not me..
      But definitely I won’t dare if I need to share my mistakes..

      And I was trying to point out the importance of “why” part in a mistake..


  12. There are no mistakes. Only lessons 🙂

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    • he he….lessons for all..

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      • And glad u learned it and passed it on ..

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        • in fact I was reading quora. and I found someone re-answering to a question as there was a little bit error in his first answer.He, actually explained why he thought it as right initially and then corrected it. Going though this, I was feeling comfortable as I also could learn what is error in his first answer, which got corrected later.
          Even though the above scenario is related to our understanding mistakes, i think it is applicable to all scenarios. hence posted it..

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  13. Yes! Accepting and correcting it is the best nature!

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  14. Absolutely. Admit to a mistake and you can get on with things so much more easily so you can move forward.
    Always be the best you, you can be….!

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  15. its tough to accept our mistakes but I am sure that’s the best way to make things work

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