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Does money matter..?

Does money matter..?

In my childhood, money was never in my priority list..may be the moral stories made me an angel then..;)

(now, not at all an angel ..)

Even when I started to earn, I didn’t bother much about the financial side of life. (may be, still there is some angelic effects 😉 ..)

But I emphasis the value of being financially independent especially women. (I am stressing on women as they might have a tendency to depend upon their spouse or father)

Don’t bother whether it is used or not. It gives a self stand whatever happens in life.

No matter, with whom we get married or wherever we go in life, we have to be financially independent. It increases one’s self morale. We will never have to feel helplessness in life.

In this era, majority of the guys prefer to have an employed wife as she could be a good financial back up for the family. And the perceptions vary based on culture, societies etc. Some think women need to work while others expect them to be good house wives.

I believe what is most important is what each woman think of herself. And I wish her to have that thinking ability and become financially independent.


Female behaviour-11

She        : Why did you go there now?

He          : You know, my friend called me in the morning. He told that one of our old class mates wanted to meet all of us. So the………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

She can easily smell the mystery (if there is one) in his mind  when he starts to mimic the rehearsed story at the very first moment on hearing her ‘what’s up’. So the story will end up either with a loud laugh or a big fight…Just wait and see 😉


Female Behaviour-8

She: You know, while I was in the vegetable shop, I saw that little boy whom we met last day

He: Which boy, I don’t remember.

She: Ehh.. The poor boy, how long he talked to you in the museum, and you have forgotten him so easily…so sad it is..!

She:……( she just continues)

She: Tell me, what are you thinking?

He: Nothing (without taking his eyes off the TV)

She: No, no.. Something is there puzzling you.

He: No dear, I am perfectly okay…let me watch the show

She: You are always like this, never interested to hear me talk.

He: Please keep quite babe..

She:  Oh.. What did I do while I have more brain cells dedicated to talk to you.


Female Behaviour-7

Venue: A shopping mall

He: Make it fast. We are running short of time.

She: Five more minutes.

(After 1o minutes)

He: Did you select anything?

She: You see, I am neither impressed at the first looks nor can I select something of poor quality.  And so five more minutes…;)


Woman – Kitchen lovers..?

Thought to give an extra emphasis on this……

If you are the cook at home, make it fast.

Just find out the unseen extra time.
Use your time more productively.
Make new wonders in the world!!


Do you think that woman are kitchen lovers..? Normally it is assumed that kitchen is the woman’s place. It’s just a job which anyone can do irrespective of the gender. If a woman does it, it is a favor or a service which she does for her family. I don’t hate cooking, neither do I like to spend more than an hour in kitchen at a go.

Blindly, it is assumed to be the responsibility of a woman to feed her family. In a sense it’s okay as it is a female opportunity to please her hungry dear ones. Hmm!! it is good. I really feel loved when my family enjoys my cooking (at least when they pretend so 😉 ). And I won’t allow any maid to have that opportunity. 🙂

Now coming to the other side,
My dear girl friends, please listen…

Never spend your whole day in kitchen.
Have your own plan . For me it is one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening for cooking. (And definitely might have to spend more time during special events, which I don’t mind) So just list out your activities which you do in a normal day and check how much time you spend for each activity.

Now ask yourself
1. Do you spend at least an hour in a day with your family?
2. Do you spend at least an hour in a day for yourself (yoga, prayers, meditation, body care etc) ?
3. Do you have at least an hour in a day to make yourself relaxed (playing with your kid, gardening, reading etc) ?

The list goes on. You can add your own checkpoints. And don’t you feel pretty bad if the answers are ‘No’ .

If you spend your whole time for cooking, cleaning, washing, office etc, how can you come out of the monotonous life ?

This is a fast growing world and there are many techniques to make your work easier, only thing is we need to think about it. Find it out and enjoy the varieties of the world.

Routine activities are least concerned by your family ( And of course, the most concerned, if not done.. $$##@@). But if you want changes, if you want challenges, come out of the routine world and make your day varying.

So if you are the cook, make it fast.

Just find out the unseen extra time.
Use your time more productively.
Make new wonders in the world!!


A scream

Let us be Durgas and not Sitas


Is it a curse?

or malediction perhaps worse,

to be a born as a girl,

In this wretched world.

Confined or caged,

we are nothing different than a immure bird.

predicted to caper around with barbie dolls,

and act as dull witted damsel in distress.

what are we considered ?

perhaps a burden laden

on our loved ones.

Or a liability in the household.

useless we are assessed,

never did we get a chance?

to prove ourselves.

Is it our mistake?

that we are born a girl.

Only if I was ever given a choice

I would have chose to be a boy…..

why is that ?

you slit down our wings,

and asked us to fly.

tied our legs together ,

and asked us to run…

what we can give you

is a sarcastic chuckle…

for you forgot to lookout

for the fire beneath the dainty lashes….

confined beneath…

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I am not a feminist, but..

I am not a feminist. But I am extremely confounded seeing the hooked nature of woman.  She is always hooked, initially hooked to her father, then to her husband, then to son and the list goes on.Picture2

Is it a boon or bane upon the woman generation?

She is thought to be addicted to emotions. Emotions rule her and make her hooked as well as addicted. Was it a God’s decision? I don’t know.

From the moment a girl is born, she is treated entirely in a different way compared to a boy. The most important thing is that many of the girls don’t understand this discrimination. They just think it to be a part of their routine life.

It is told that a woman has proven their ability to be on the top of the world. But how many of them.. might be a 10 % or less than that. (I am not quite sure on the percentage, it’s a rough figure)

What is that preventing or blocking factor in a women’s life which makes her to be confined to the family? No..no it’s not the family which bonds her.. It’s just an excuse that every woman can tell.

I am not going for a deep analysis. If I have to, I will have to post on the same topic for months. Then what is that blocking factor in front of a woman? I would like to hear from you..

I don’t believe that it is the society’s attitude which made her suppressed.

Up to some extent, it might be her own attitude which made her to be dependent, to be addicted. (Probably imposed upon her for years and years and might take many more years if it needs to be changed).

How could she be convinced upon her strengths? How could she be informed that this is not what is expected from her? How could she be re tuned?

Definitely it must be through the growing generation. And only current generation can build that next generation…