Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


Time passes, but not in your mind

I believe that the greatest wonder in the world is mind. And it is the super-fast traveller in the universe. It can travel back and forth in time. Mind tries to pull or push you away from present. It makes you wander in the past and future.

It is not time bounded. There is no start or end for the mind journey. No one can tie it down. Therefore there is no time in mind.

Oh.. mind is winning over time.. It is really great while thinking more on it.

We always tell like ‘time will go on’. But often we forget about the exception, i.e. our own mind. Our thoughts wander here and there like a free horse, sometimes slowly, sometime swiftly.

When we think about the whole universe, it is rolling over time from past to future.. (or is it from future to past..?. I donno.)

There is no return path for the life in universe.  It cannot go back to past (or can it go back?, I donno). Time passes whether we measure it or not..

But time does not exist in mind. It is freed from time. Have you wondered about this mystery of mind..?


Give comfort to your co-traveller


Give comfort to your co-traveller.

Don’t think too much. I meant the actual co- traveller in your car itself.

Imagine you got a lift from your friend’s cousin, and you are not familiar with him/her.

Then how uncomfortable will it be if that person is not at all talking to you during travel.

You might feel so restless to travel with such a person, and feel just like put in an undeserved place.

(And the same situation plays even while travelling with a familiar one too)

Now imagine yourself as that friend’s cousin and think how you will act with your co- traveller..