Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see



I felt a cold breeze approaching me. It covered me. Took me to the heaven of memories. There I saw my grandma (passed away 3 years back ) cheerfully sitting.

Hmm.. my super natural experiences,  limited here..all my imaginations.

I wish if I could experience it really. It will be there, isn’t it?

What will happen to our mind after death? Isn’t that mind/soul wandering everywhere disobeying Einstein’s Space-Time relativity theory?

I am a bit scared now, if any ghosts watch me writing this, what will I do if it comes up really…Goosebumps..

One day it will happen. Not sure if I could survive it or not. ; )

I am waiting for that moment.

Can you share your frozen moments with super natural or ghosts?