Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


The unquenchable thirst

He met her. Knew that it was someone else’s wife. Initially it was just a fascination,  then love and later it turned out to be a thought to own her, a harmful obsession.

Is this not the same feeling ruling rapists..? Are they also having the similar obsession, may be on a different rate..?

(To make it clear, in this post, my intention is neither to question the faithfulness of spouses nor to violate the universal attraction law)


Are you aware of your spouse’s taste?

A get-together is planned with your family friend in a hotel at 7 PM. Your spouse got some emergency work at office and it is informed that he/she will be late to reach. And you are asked to take order for him/her too.


Now what will you order for him/her? Are you aware of your spouse’s taste?

Now first think and then confirm it with your spouse.

Were you right..? Do you mind to share it with us..?