Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


My speech lessons

Never did I know that I was speaking very fast, that it’s pretty difficult for the listeners to follow me. And when in school, I started to hear my friends teasing on my speed, and you know, I was the biggest chump to accept it as a golden feather on my cap . And so never did I change until I reached the corporate world. There, when I have to take trainings and all, my manager asked me to record and listen to my own voice. So I recorded and heard my own voice.. oh..no.. Nothing more to say…my powerful voice (note the powerful ;)..) appeared like a hurricane.

If we start to identify our falls and a take deliberate move initially, our mind will be tuned accordingly and no doubt that it will be in our hands naturally after a period.

My speed story started to change from the very first moment I listened my own speech. And I’m quite confident on the cautious steps I took. Even if I may not still fit into the common man’s speed every now and then, I have no doubt that I am audible and clear now. Because now, atleast I could feel whenever my speed is firing up. So a natural prevention (not any more deliberate, it comes in naturally) happens which was missing in the past as never could I detect the fastness.