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Observe, Don't just see


Answer lies in your interpretations

Why do I work hard to achieve more? Why can’t I be content with what I have?

Why my planner is always packed? Why can’t I simply sit and take rest?

Why do I need to think about the meaning of life? Why can’t I forget all such madness?

I know we all live and die.. but “Why did it bloom, if it’s going to wither?” or was it to leave just some legacy?

“We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born”– – Richard Dawkins

So immortality is not an answer to these questions. And death may not be the ultimate destination.

Maybe the answer lies in one’s own interpretations.

So either

Cherish every moments of life and Take a step back and laugh at yourself


Give up everything and be a monk..


Is it possible to have a grey stage between these two..?


Responsible path

Which is the easiest path..? Are there any short cuts..?. 

She was asking herself.

If I am aware of the responsible path, why do I need to think about the other paths?

If there is some guilty or irresponsibility accompanying the other path, why should I follow it? Is it only because of the easiness or comfortableness in the other path?

Her introspection continued….


The liberated sole of shoe

I wondered what’s going wrong with my steps.. Anything wrong with the treadmill?

It took 2 to 3 minutes for me to realize the actual missing thing.

My shoe was dying being separated from its sole.

At once, I stopped the machine. Otherwise my soul would have been liberated.

Lessons Learned: Ensure the working condition of your shoe before jumping into treadmill.



I felt a cold breeze approaching me. It covered me. Took me to the heaven of memories. There I saw my grandma (passed away 3 years back ) cheerfully sitting.

Hmm.. my super natural experiences,  limited here..all my imaginations.

I wish if I could experience it really. It will be there, isn’t it?

What will happen to our mind after death? Isn’t that mind/soul wandering everywhere disobeying Einstein’s Space-Time relativity theory?

I am a bit scared now, if any ghosts watch me writing this, what will I do if it comes up really…Goosebumps..

One day it will happen. Not sure if I could survive it or not. ; )

I am waiting for that moment.

Can you share your frozen moments with super natural or ghosts?


3 Days Quote Challenge- Day 3

Here comes my third day Quote in this 3 days Quote challenge.

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