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Pregnant woman finds pregnant ladies all over – Frequency illusion

Wanted to get some information from xxx person. So was thinking how to contact xxx. And interestingly, xxx was there in news, two days later. Then late night took a book and surprised to see a mention of xxx. Got a phone call in the next day morning wherein which also the person told about xxx.ย  Weird..

Surprised on the occurrences..? Is the universe trying to convey something.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

When something is there in our mind, it comes in front of us.

Like, now you thought about me, and I am here, making the connection.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Or a pregnant woman finds pregnant ladies everywhere around her.

Or when I bought a new car, I could see many people driving them all over the roads.

Are all these some pure coincidences..?. Or is it like, it was there before also. But our senses didnโ€™t record it then. And now, there happened some causes to record it in our brain.

Our brain was looking for information connected to us.ย  So we surround ourselves with information related to our thoughts. And we feel a natural increase in frequency of those occurrences. It is nothing but a selective attention, overlooking many other countless things that surround us. ย And this is โ€œfrequency illusionโ€.

I am quite sure many of you might have experienced this cognitive bias. If not, be ready to experience this brainy stimulation in the next few days.