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Observe, Don't just see


You can buy an orgasm, but never love.

I don’t find true love or romance in you guy’s relationship.

Oops… How dare I to say that. Who am I to judge someone else relationship. After all who am I to define love?

What is love.. love is just love.. nothing more to say.. It’s good enough as it’s not an abstract thing to be defined.

Your version of love may not be like my version. It doesn’t imply that you are only right or I am. People may be expressive or non-expressive. Let them be as they are.

If there is love, the bond will be multidimensional comprising all the emotions under a single umbrella. It will have care, trust, lust, passion, longing, addiction, possessiveness, compassion, attraction, attachment, affection and comfort (and many more).  There is always enough space for you to release your temper, grief, and any pain.

And yeah, hormones such as oxytocin also have a main role to play in love. Maybe that’s why you cannot force some to love you or prevent someone from loving you.

And above all to the superficial feelings, there develops a quite natural bond as you go on. And that natural addiction will be evidenced in your actions.

You can buy an orgasm, but never love. No love for sale  is so far available in the markets.

Well, this is how I outline love up to certain extent, and yes I don’t believe in first sight love.


some mysteries…

She knew that she was just one among his crushes. Still she couldn’t resist talking to him. She was very well aware of his flaws. Still she was bound to him…

Yes, there are certain people in our life, influencing us a lot, need not be in a good way, though.

Need not be expressed, need not be revealed, still we love to hear from them..

What’s the name of this kind of relationship..? A blind addiction.., isn’t it..?


Is it possible to love romantically more than one person at a time?

Is it possible to love more than one person at a time?

(To make it clear I am talking about the romantic relationship between actual lovers, and not the lovely relationship between parent-child or between friends or siblings.)

Can you love one person sincerely while committed to another? But then, what will be definition of sincerity?

My mind questions even the pragmatic views of love after a break-up/separation. Is it really possible to love someone new again? If you were truly in love with the first person, how could you fall in love with the second? Does it mean that it was not genuine in the first time..? Anyway, now let us forget about the lifetime events and back to the question “Is it possible to love romantically more than one person at a time (not about the universal attraction)

Then there comes the views of society. If you love two persons at a time, people call it as cheating. In their views, it is okay even if you love someone new after avoiding the existing, but it becomes erroneous while loving many simultaneously.

Both cases do not make any sense in my thoughts or in a way both are equal.

If we are loving two people, concurrently or one after the other, aren’t we cheating our own mind itself..? How can he/she love someone new, ignoring the older one who once ruled his/her mind? He/she could just make him/her believe so, ignoring the underlying facts. Isn’t it..?

True love is everlasting; it is never rooted in momentary infatuations. So in a heart there could be place for another heart only.. Not many more. There cannot be any ‘delete’ keys in the heart.

I heard people telling like “Love is not a scarce resource. So if you have an ability to fall in love with many, do it left and right”. These polygamous relationships are way beyond my senses to appreciate. Anyway if you are open-minded enough to enjoy the balance of multiplicative love, be 100% open with everyone you love and their feelings and ensure that you are building without hurting someone.

This is the translated version of രാധയ്ക്കറിയാം