Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


Some moments, some memories left in past knowingly

Some memories are hidden in past knowingly. It need not be a memory inhibition (inhibiting or not remembering irrelevant information), as the thoughts were relevant to you in the past. Still your conscious mind forced you to forget some past moments. And even your subconscious mind was tuned to believe that ‘If it’s not for me, let it go and if it’s for me it will come to me, till then I don’t have to think about that’

And then on a day, there happens some triggers poking them.

Still you are confused, whether it’s real or not. No, it’s not a dream, it happens in present-day only. They are the lively clues.

Maybe it’s the reason for something new. Can go with that and accept the risk while regaining repressed memories?

Or maybe it’s the liberation of not only conscious self, but the sub conscious self also. 😉


This is not a perfect translation of ആകാശഗംഗ.. still some part of that..


The conspiracies of the universe

Many conspiracies in this universe..

Many unknown fields…influencing us a lot. I’m not talking about the astrological fields, but about the scientifical ones.

May be we are straightaway feeling the effect of gravity only.

These three invisible fields- voltage, gravitational and magnetic– does them summarise the entire thing in this universe..?

Don’t ask why didn’t I add nuclear field..?(Leave it for time being)

We know what is evident to our senses. What about the conspiracies of the universe which are never logical to the senses..?