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What should I Pray?

I used to have a list of concerns to discuss with God during my pray time. But nowadays I feel a kind of blankness.. Nothing to pray. Am I becoming a sage? Hmm .. No chance. 🙂

I guess this state may be for a few days only, as I’m experiencing this not for the first time. It may not last much. (I may soon open my complaint box 😉 , I guess)


But this time a bit different. A total emptiness…

Is there something like I need to pray ‘this’ much time, ‘this’ much louder so that he will answer to my queries..? I don’t think so.

If God can understand everything why do I need to talk to him about my worries, happiness and all..? If he knows me, he must know my feelings too.

I believe that God resides in one’s own heart. So I doubt why should I pray.. Or rather what should I pray?

One thing is for sure that sitting in front of God makes me relaxed during my pray time. But nowadays I sit asking the same question “what should I pray?”

And finally I am not all an atheist and I believe in God fully, so I am simply continuing with my devotional songs…

Have you experienced this kind of feeling before? I would like to hear from you.