Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


Miles to go before I sleep..

I assumed the world to be what I read through newspapers. I felt much familiar to the world I live. I was pleased with all the humanly pleasures around my realm. I know there are pains, suffering, depressions, and all such anguishes in this world. Still I thought it to be a happy world, keeping the reality apart.

Miles to go before I sleep.. (As in Robert Frost’s language)


My Little Little pleasures

I love to hear the murmur of doves. I am happy when there is a new flower in my garden. I feel proud when I learn a new ‘word’. I feel energetic when the little kid at the bus stop smiled at me..

The list of my little little pleasures just goes on.

Little little things matters a lot..

Now sharing my little, but a big pleasure while I found this new theme for my blog..