Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


Mind Block

Nothing is impossible.

mind block

There is a block in the mind which makes us less adventurous. When we overcome this mind block, impossibility becomes possibility.

When a kid starts to explore something new, just be with him/her and support instead  of preventing him/her from doing the same. Majority of the parents, being concerned on the safety of their kid, starts telling like ‘don’t do that, you can’t do that, it’s dangerous etc’.

And when they grow up, these thoughts are rooted in their mind and they starts thinking about the impossibilities. They start thinking whether they can do it or not.  In fact when they were a kid, never they might have thought about any impossibility. Everything was under their arms or big mind.

Being elder, where did this self-confidence get buried?

Yes, our mind is something which is getting tuned to the circumstances.

It gets tuned to whatever we hear in the childhood.

It gets tuned to whatever we see in the childhood.

And the mind block starts to develop within us unknowingly. We could never realize it. We are tuned. We simply believe that ‘it’ can not be done by me.

Tell your mind

“you are awesome; you can create wonders in the world; you can rule the impossibilities”