Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


The chatty girl

Ding..ding.. Someone is ringing the bell.. While opened the door, I found my neighbour little girl. The red apple cheeks reminded me of my childhood days, playing all around.  She was playing outside since it being a holiday. She wanted some water, that’s why called me.  I thought she will be going to play again after having water.

But to my surprise she just stood there after having water. So I couldn’t get back to my work. I just enquired on her schooling and all. And then she opened her chatter box.

She started to tell me about her school, teachers, classes, friends…she never had a full stop. She was talking non-stop, linking one thing to another even though I didn’t ask much.

I thought she will be demanding one more glass of water..;)

She was least bothered whether I was listening or not. (may be she felt that she was talking to someone of her same age ;).. )She was just releasing all her thoughts and continued with her story.

She had an art of letting go of her thoughts and words in the way she wanted. And I felt I had a lot to study from her. So I didn’t tell her to stop even though there were works awaiting my attention.