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Question of the day

Statistics reveals that mother is the primary care giver for more than four out of five children in a single parent family.

And why not father?

Of course biological aspects are there advantageous to a mother. But above to that why cant father create that intimacy with their kids..? (of course there are, I know. But my point is considering the total percent). 

What’s the mind block with those fathers who fail to grow up their children in a  single parent family..? Or is it all played by the law..? Or is it like he is incapable to grow his child alone..?


Explain the new leanings to a child

Learned something new today.

How will you ensure that you learned it properly?

Go and just explain it to a child

If you are able to make him/her understand on the new lessons, yes – you succeeded.

You learned it properly, if you could speak about the same in a kid’s language..

Otherwise do study more and more.


ഒരു ഗര്ഭസ്ഥ ശിശു

ശരത്കാലസന്ധ്യതന്‍ കുളിരിലിന്നെന്നമ്മ-

തന്നുദരത്തില്‍ വെട്ടം വിടരും നാളെയെ

പൂകുവാന്‍ ധ്യാനിച്ചു ഞാനുറങ്ങി.

കനിവിന്‍ നനവൂറുമായിരം നയനങ്ങ-

ളൊന്നൊന്നായ് മിന്നിമറഞ്ഞെന്‍

കനവിലും നിനവിലും.

നാളെയാ മിഴികളിന്‍ തലോടലിലെന്‍

ചുണ്ടില്‍ വിടരും മലരിന്‍ നറു-

മണമോ അവര്‍ക്കേറ്റം പ്രിയം

വിടരാന്‍ വെമ്പുമൊരാമ്പലിന്‍ മുകുളമായ്

വൈകാതെയണയും നിലാവിനെ

ധ്യാനിച്ചു വീണ്ടും ഞാനുറങ്ങി..

let me update this post with the translated version.

considering the request of my friends, I tried to translate this into English.

but I am understanding that it is really difficult to translate the emotions…I am sorry if I made it too bad 😦 

Baby in it’s mother’s womb

Enjoying the cold evening, I slept

In my mother’s womb awaiting

To see the morning sun.

Thousands of sweetie sweetie eyes

Flashed one after another

In my Lovely dreams.

Is it the roses upon my lips,

Bloomed with their pats

Which they like the most.

Again I slept in my prayers as if

Like a bloom of water lily

Expecting to wake up soon.