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Observe, Don't just see


Security testers, the bad guys ;)

You people influence me so much that even I forgot to post on my technical blog, Quality Notion nowadays

Just kidding..;)

It’s easy to blame others for your inactivity. 😉

So finally I did it..Sharing you on security testing, Security testers, the bad guys 😉


Goat became a dog when 10 people said it 10 times

പത്തു പേര്‍ പത്തു വട്ടം പറഞ്ഞാല്‍ ആടും പട്ടിയാകുമോ..?

Will goat become a dog if ten people said it ten times..? 


Mr A : See, something wrong with her attitude.

Ms B : Is it..? Do you mean any mental disorders?

Mr C : Seems she is not normal nowadays.

Ms D : …



She: Oh god.. what the hell is all this..Why do they try to make me mad..?


Some people have an ability to repeat and emphasize the same thing, ignoring the underlying truth. (madness, just an example. It could range from angstrom to light years). Their influencers become copycats and the news is widely spread. Who care about the impacted zones ?