Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


Do we really exist?

Are we real?

I know you will be thinking whether I am out of order today.

I am perfectly okay. My sense organs are not damaged, yet. I can feel , I can hear, I can write, yes earth also feelsΒ me through its gravitational field.

I am understanding what I am experiencing.. But the greater percentage is unexperienced -the reality of universe.

Are there someone playing a computer game and we are all his simulated events in the game board?

Or is this a dream.. will there be a wake up? And if there is a wake up, will I be in another universe..?

Reality is far above to our imagination, isn’t it..?. In fact it can’t exist in our imagination.

Yes we are observing, analyzing and perceiving the environment around us. But reality is way ahead of it.