Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


The perfect Date

The gentle breeze giggled me as if I was in his arms

Two little silver liquid drops caressed my face

Enjoying the naughty wind teasing my curls

He loomed with two cups of coffee in his hands

Placing it on the balcony desk, hugged me from back

Closed my eyes, leaning upon his heart as always

Is this not the perfect date – two cups of coffee,

You and me, our balcony, the sneak hug and the rain?

I couldn’t resist bringing in this sweet definition here, from the magic of a special tea .

Such an expressive meaning, clinging to the real life. Kudos Josh…


Female Behaviour – 2

She was very worried and angry at him yesterday. But she was afraid to question him. She doubted if his ego got hurt on her questioning, it might force him to be away from her.

She wished if he asked about her worries. But nothing happened and his nature forced her to take a back foot.

But she just forgets everything when he touches her. Then she just prefers to be hugged. Even if she may be angry or worried, she just can’t tolerate himself being away from her.

She is not pretending to be happy when he hugs her. But naturally her worries got buried. And hence during those moments, she is afraid to question him on his actions which made her worried.

So her heart plays a game to keep herself alive. On one side it cries for his care & love and on the other side it just excuses/justifies him whenever it’s hurt.

But can her heart play this game always…?


She trusts him blindly and he is the center of her belief. Her heart won’t be alive at all to forgive him, if he has betrayed her love and trust.

So definitely her heart won’t play that game if her belief is lost. She will never give a second chance in such a case. Her trust is almost impossible to earn back. Once lost, it is really lost forever. And she will never regret on losing such a person who didn’t a respect the bonds of love and trust.

And of course trust is not gender specific. I was just trying to portrait the tenderness as well as stubbornness of her behaviour.

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