Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


The chatty girl

Ding..ding.. Someone is ringing the bell.. While opened the door, I found my neighbour little girl. The red apple cheeks reminded me of my childhood days, playing all around.  She was playing outside since it being a holiday. She wanted some water, that’s why called me.  I thought she will be going to play again after having water.

But to my surprise she just stood there after having water. So I couldn’t get back to my work. I just enquired on her schooling and all. And then she opened her chatter box.

She started to tell me about her school, teachers, classes, friends…she never had a full stop. She was talking non-stop, linking one thing to another even though I didn’t ask much.

I thought she will be demanding one more glass of water..;)

She was least bothered whether I was listening or not. (may be she felt that she was talking to someone of her same age ;).. )She was just releasing all her thoughts and continued with her story.

She had an art of letting go of her thoughts and words in the way she wanted. And I felt I had a lot to study from her. So I didn’t tell her to stop even though there were works awaiting my attention.


Female Behaviour-1

female 1he  : your dress looks pretty nice

she: aw, thanks.

he  : you always have a got a good color sense

she: thanks yaar

he  : ……….the chat continues.

Do you really think that the girl enjoys his talking?

She is in fact pity for him as he does not understand how easily he lost his self-esteem.

And definitely exceptions may be there. i.e. there may be girls who like flattering and flirting…

But a self-respecting girl would definitely feel it to be boring and so not genuine. She could never enjoy such blah blah words and definitely she would escape from the situation.