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One answer to many questions

General knowledge is also one of the papers in most government exams nowadays, whether technical or not. Couple of years back I was preparing for some technical exams. Obviously a tough time with the GK paper 😰, a tough time for my memory cells.

I am not that newspaper with bed coffe type of girl. (Yes, I do read and watch news, not boasting, really I do😉 when the morning sun is somewhere around the corner of my balcony)

But for GK preparation I had to to travel through many unknown paths in the world history, geography, politics and what not..Ahh..🙄

To add on, it was really hard to link the questions especially when they are staggered in many books. Say for example some where I learned who invented dynamite. And at a later point of time I came across another question, who was the benefactor of Nobel prize….both have the same answer, Alfred Nobel. But it would have been easier to link and learn if one see them at a go..isn’t it?

‘What if you have the answer first and probable questions for that answer as the bulleted sub entries’? This thought drove me to prepare this book in the form of ‘One answer to many questions’.

Thus I ended up in this book, my maiden venture.. with a new strategy to help your memory cells..

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