Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow we lost

I was the topper in LKG, oh yes, in UKG too…But now I am not the topper, in my second standard.”

Don’t think it to be some disappointed words… instead, it’s the attempt of a kid to project himself in front of his friends.

But more to that I found some similarities with the words of CEO of Nokia who said “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”

If you can’t improve your pace, the show won’t be favourable for you. The world is changing very fast. Hence your sustenance  is purely dependent on your adaptability and forecasting. If you are running at the same pace, no one can guarantee your success as big giants may evolve at any point of time. So change yourself, learn new things and change the world with new notions and innovations.


My speech lessons

Never did I know that I was speaking very fast, that it’s pretty difficult for the listeners to follow me. And when in school, I started to hear my friends teasing on my speed, and you know, I was the biggest chump to accept it as a golden feather on my cap . And so never did I change until I reached the corporate world. There, when I have to take trainings and all, my manager asked me to record and listen to my own voice. So I recorded and heard my own voice.. oh..no.. Nothing more to say…my powerful voice (note the powerful ;)..) appeared like a hurricane.

If we start to identify our falls and a take deliberate move initially, our mind will be tuned accordingly and no doubt that it will be in our hands naturally after a period.

My speed story started to change from the very first moment I listened my own speech. And I’m quite confident on the cautious steps I took. Even if I may not still fit into the common man’s speed every now and then, I have no doubt that I am audible and clear now. Because now, atleast I could feel whenever my speed is firing up. So a natural prevention (not any more deliberate, it comes in naturally) happens which was missing in the past as never could I detect the fastness.