Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


Female Behaviour- 4

Mr X : Wow.. look at her.. 

Mr Y :Oooh..

Mr X : ……..

If she had a boyish figure, will she be a blossom in your eyes..?

If she doesn’t have that curves and curls, will you still ogle her..?

Is it because of the feminine shape, she is being stared?

Why don’t you take your eyes off her?

Or are you simply enjoying the beauty of the world in her face..?

I know that it is a common guy thing to appreciate a girl’s beauty. So there’s nothing to be done on that. And we girls also appreciate the beauty in you, guys.

Looking is not that bad, but when it becomes ogling/staring for a long time, the situation changes.  It is inappropriate and should be stopped as and when she is uncomfortable. 

And she can easily read from his body language when that looking turns out to be an ogling. 

Beware; there are two more eyes which got burnt in those awkward looks. And the fire from her eyes is well enough to pierce into his veins making it bleeding.

I wish if he could just imagine himself in her position… And above all he is disrespecting not only her but also himself with that dirty looks.

And another fact is that she might have tuned into a mute mode with that constant ogling. Then she is in fact pitying him, reading him, reading him as an undignified figure.