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Observe, Don't just see


High self-esteem

Why can’t I be over confident?

I don’t understand when my confidence turns out to be overconfidence..

Is there a gap between the two, segregating them?

Have you identified that gap..?

A positive vibe is there in ‘confidence’ while it becomes negative in overconfidence. Why do people tell in this way?

Self-confidence comes from within. So why should one be bothered on what others do?

Above all, does it really matter, whether it is confidence or overconfidence..? Even if it is over confident, either we will work hard to achieve it or we will fail and learn from the mistakes..so what’s wrong in being either way?


Female Behaviour-1

female 1he  : your dress looks pretty nice

she: aw, thanks.

he  : you always have a got a good color sense

she: thanks yaar

he  : ……….the chat continues.

Do you really think that the girl enjoys his talking?

She is in fact pity for him as he does not understand how easily he lost his self-esteem.

And definitely exceptions may be there. i.e. there may be girls who like flattering and flirting…

But a self-respecting girl would definitely feel it to be boring and so not genuine. She could never enjoy such blah blah words and definitely she would escape from the situation.