Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


The comfort while being with strangers

There is some comfort while being with strangers. Have you experienced that?

You don’t have to open your inner self in front of them. So no worries on your hidden thoughts being stolen.

There is no obligations, no love. Only thing you need to ensure is to keep a safe distance. 😉


Why can’t we be open to all?

Why can’t we be open to all?

Why do we keep a distance from many..?

(It is not about getting along with everyone or getting too close to everyone, definitely it won’t be possible. But I am thinking about our interaction with people on a superficial level.)

Why can’t we put in a little emotional investment with all?

Why can’t we ask some thought provoking questions instead of artificial ones?

Are we afraid of something being stolen from our mind? Or are we afraid of being revealed?

What is that mind-block which forces us to be less transparent and less attached..?

Or is it some ego like, let him/her be open first, then only I need to be open?

What happens if we are read as an open book? Are we afraid of some harm forthcoming being open? Or is it some security threats..?

When we create an open book mind set, won’t it open a new love world in front of us?

Or are we trying to have that wonders in people’s eyes as mentioned in Alice is still in wonderland, by revealing less?


My message reached her

We were in the same college. But in different classrooms, different hostel rooms.. Different gal gangs (as someone mentioned on gangs, Once in a while Insanity). And in my views she was a soft hearted, sensitive girl…

Then, reading the unspoken words we came to know each other. And I don’t remember when we actually started to discuss about everything under the sun…

I don’t know how time flew by so fast. The nostalgic four years entered into my memory box.

Whose jealousy made us apart? ..distance away.. Why should I blame on someone else..? It’s my fault that I didn’t much check on her after entering into this busy world.. But one thing is quite sure that she is too close to my heart to be away from me. Things changed as we grow older. But years or distance has got nothing to alter the true bond we share. 

And that’s why I could meet her again at least virtually … especially when she had been consciously keeping herself away from all those social medias and our gal gangs due to some xxx reasons..

My message travelled a lot and reached her finally, saying in her words.

If there is a will there is a way.