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Observe, Don't just see


Oh God, Please help me

I am not quite sure, if I believe in God. Yes, I do pray, go to worship places. Does it all mean that I am a devotee of God?

So far, I didn’t dare to question the existence of God.

Maybe I was confused. If I say something against God, will it cause any trouble in my life? These thoughts haunted me, maybe or may not be .. I am not quite sure.

But it seems, one thing is pretty clear to my confused mind now, i.e. If God is there really, he will never cause any harm to me only because of my question upon him.  If he did, then no more evidence required to prove his absence.

If your prayers came fruitful, why can’t it be just some coincidences?

Earlier my mind was unwilling to shoot like this. But now I am quite sure that he can only help me to prove his existence and won’t do any harm on me, if he is the real Hero.

Why he resides only in worship places, why do we need to struggle to meet him, may be even after a long queue?

Does he need to be satisfied with all these pujas and prayers to open his eyes..?

Does God really want you to go to these worship places to meet him?

Oh God, please help me to have an answer.. Yes, I am also calling him..

I am neither an atheist, nor a blind lover of science.

I feel like, “

God is a state of mind, soothing oneself.

Step back from the people who are trying to market this state of mind, selling Gods.


Make yourself in demand

busynesSome days back I approached Mr B. And I checked whether he is available to take up some seminars. I was almost confident of his positive reply. But to my surprise, he politely denied my request.

He claimed to be too busy and so couldn’t be freed from his tight schedule. He said like he is shuttling from place to place and in between that he is not in a condition to take up one more task.

Hearing this I became a little down all of a sudden, but I was determined. I gently commented on the goodness of his work and how highly I am in need of his work. (And truly his work was wonderful and that’s why I was behind him.)

And finally I succeeded. He agreed to take up my work with certain conditions (not any harmful conditions for me). I was so happy that my plan worked out…

Now what do you feel on this..?

Was it not his business tactic? Otherwise how he could manage his time that was said to be bounded in the tight schedule..? If he was literally busy, how could he spend time for me? (He was that much adamant to take up my task initially.)

When he denied my requests initially, I was having the feeler that “he is such a great busy men and I should not lose him”. So now it became my goal to utilise his skills. And later when he agreed upon, I thought like ‘he became willing to take up my tasks, hearing my words’. But he actually made me to demand for him.. wasn’t it ?

In fact it was his marketing strategy..So actually he was winning in the game and not me, as I thought.

Yes, there played the great business tactic:  

Deny the initial request politely, portraying  your busyness and finally make the other person strongly demand for you. There lies the success of your business game

Or do you think that it was me who win in the above situation..? ; )


Never be a workaholic..

When I joined the IT industry, had so many butterfly dreams as many others.. .

Getting a word of appreciation, being motivated, showing a mark of uniqueness etc , etc.. the list goes on.

My dreams were built upon my motto. And no doubt, that I was pretty happy even under my tight schedule and work pressure. But later on, experiences proved that my motto was not adequate in a professional world. It lacked a BUSINESS EYE.

Let me share a few lessons which I experienced.  I am quite sure that whatever may be the profession, a business eye is the most essential thing required.

  1. Give and Take policy : When you offer ‘x’ to someone today, ensure that you get 2X tomorrow
  2. Never allow others to take your shoe until you get a better one.
  3. Understand that Managers are always “Managers”. Every manager will have a business eye upon your talents. With a few inspiring words, a manager could easily convert you talents to profit. Ensure you also get your share of profit. If you believe your managers blindly, you are lost.
  4. Do protest when you are sure of positive results. Otherwise quietly quit.
  5. The last, but the most important is ‘why don’t you think about becoming your own boss’.. Be an entrepreneur..