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I am becoming a fan of electrons

Can you imagine how greedy your rubber soled shoes are?

Greedy for money??electron

No, no..

They are greedy for electrons; yes the so called fundamental particles in the universe.

You might have experienced this greediness many a times.

While you walk across the wool carpet in your office corridor (assuming you are not charged), wearing rubber soled shoes, the greedy shoes starts their work. They steal electrons from the carpet (Electron affinity of rubber is greater than that of wool). And you are getting more and more electrons with each step. Now you reached near the door of your office and touched the metal nob.

Oops.. felt an electric shock…

Have you ever wondered on this?

Yes, the electrons in your body jumps to the metal nob and you experience it as an electric spark.

Even if you changed your rubber soled shoe with leather one, the same spark occurs. Now the thief is not the shoe, but the carpet as it has got more electron affinity compared to your leather soled shoe. And you become positively charged with each step across the carpet (Lose of electrons creates positive charge ). When the metal nob is touched, electrons jump from the nob to your body and thus experience the electrical shock.

This is nothing but static electricity, created when two objects are rubbed together.

Yes,  with each passing day, I respect you, I adore you, and I am becoming fan of you my dear electrons…