Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see


When the cuddling nights are far away

She just wanna lie on the bed

With her hands resting on his chest

Her days are nowhere to be found

When the cuddling nights are far-off

She is stuck in past, lost in thoughts

Thru the evokes of tangled fingers

She just needs to be held in his arms

In the tranquil hour of night, forever.


I esteem the energy while I am with you

It’s not the passion in his eyes that she loves

It’s not the boldness in his bones that she likes

It’s not the brainy words that catch her at once

It’s not the charisma in his voice that allures her

But it’s his confident vibes that cheer her up

His liveliness passes in her nerves, fuels her n

Inspires her existence every now and then.

She esteems the energy while being with him.


Feel free to say NO

It was challenging for me to say a no,

As it was tough for me to upset you.

Hence I was behind a yes even though,

I lacked my space and ease with a yes.


I know, they are only my real friends,

Who make me guilt free to say a no.

Who make me feel at ease to say a no.

Who respect my freedom of expression.


The perfect Date

The gentle breeze giggled me as if I was in his arms

Two little silver liquid drops caressed my face

Enjoying the naughty wind teasing my curls

He loomed with two cups of coffee in his hands

Placing it on the balcony desk, hugged me from back

Closed my eyes, leaning upon his heart as always

Is this not the perfect date – two cups of coffee,

You and me, our balcony, the sneak hug and the rain?

I couldn’t resist bringing in this sweet definition here, from the magic of a special tea .

Such an expressive meaning, clinging to the real life. Kudos Josh…