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Wandering mind


As long as I am equipped with a wandering mind, I won’t ever feel lonely in a crowd of strangers.

I can go wherever I wish I can shop whatever I want and I can do anything freely.

No one to bore me, no one to embarrass me, no one to be convinced….

Author: Akhila

Akhila is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion.com and qualitynotion.com. A self motivated life long learner who loves to decode signs from the universe. Her weirdness is totally aligned with her real life stories and thought experiments. She is the author of “Know them, One answer to many questions” (a General Knowledge book) and “I Had a Crush - The 17 Kinks” (A free ebook of 17 short stories)

30 thoughts on “Wandering mind

  1. You and your mind, the best company ever. There are times that I fail to realize that I am actually having a mental conversation and it feels so real!

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  2. Nice Akhila – I too enjoy being able to ‘disappear’ into my own world when crowds or noise becomes too much 🙂

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  3. Absolutely…
    Boring…what is that????😁😁😁

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  4. Yes, Right… wondering with wandering mind😄

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  5. You are so RIGHT about that… Yeah!!!

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  6. Very true. But then it wud be only me and me…..

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  7. Wonder and wander❤❤❤

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  8. I am happy to join in with my instant ability to daydream,
    Like Walter Mitty

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  9. Just like a Lone Ranger😉

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  10. It’s a wonderful thing to have a roaming imagination 🙂

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  11. Hahaha true and such great words of a wandering mind.

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