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If the truth was never revealed?



The young man was the murderer. He had his reason behind the murder (Maybe the rights for his eyes). No one ever knew that he was the murderer.

The girl started to love him, the so called unconditional love. Never she tried to grab his attention. She just loved him in her own ways. For long she didn’t understand that she was only there in his heart too. (Maybe the definition of soulmates fit here perfectly).

Soulmates are supposed to know each other. So no twists here too. The lovers met and dreamed together.

The twists happened when she happened to see her father’s ***** with him ( oh..please bear with me, I Donno what was that ****). And the mysteries revealed, that he was the murderer of her father. Till then, he too didn’t know that the girl was the daughter of his enemy whom he had killed.


Akhila, where are you going with this common theme?…😉

Frankly, I Donno, what’s going to happen next in this story. Maybe she would have excused him  as time passed as time can heal anything. Or maybe she would have taken revenge against him.

But an afterthought: Wouldn’t it have been good if the truth was never revealed? They were meant for each other and they could have lived peacefully without any guilt feeling, if so. I know truth is never to be concealed, but here all the miseries started with truth only.

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

52 thoughts on “If the truth was never revealed?

  1. The story has resembling facts of the story of film Bazigar wherein the girl after knowing the truth forgave her soulmet

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  2. Love reading this one☺☺☺ keep them coming 👏👏
    Please read my new blog at your leisure http://wp.me/p8S8wf-1x

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  3. Akhila, a bit too complicated for me. I will follow what you have to say or reveal

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  4. Thats quite a dilemma. Are you playing the role of betal 🙂 asking these complex questions. Wont the person loose the respect for the other who destroyed her creator. Wont the other be guilty enough to even have lost his worth of looking into her eyes for such dreadful act. Will the love of future over power the love of past? In my case, no. Reminded me the end of the movie gupt…

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    • “Are you playing the role of betal” Lol!!😀😀

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    • Thanks Ravi for the detailed comment. Liked that “betal” use…😂..
      if the lovers live together or not, I don’t care actually 😉, (in this case only)… what do you have to say on the revelation of truth? Was it really required?… truth must be revealed, I know that…but waiting for some other conspiracies of universe in this lines…

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      • My view is this. It would depend upon what does the lady look up to be important attributes in the person that she loves. If honesty and care is something that fits top in her list then i beleive she is being deceived by the hidden truth. For that matter her respect would diminish if the partner killed any person (leave aside the father) as she may not like a heartless person. It wold be better for the truth to reveal itself or it would be an artificial life for both. Life is to know each other completely and if the partner accepts the heartless attribute too love being blind, then any truth in this world will not shake them. Forget murder, just imagine cheating over a partner – do u think the soul will appreviate the truth to keep itself hidden, certainly not.

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        • Here that story was just a buildup for the scenario… similar instances occur all around us daily… and so I was wondering on this, “the truth must be revealed always” is it a universal fact or another prejudice thought…


      • By the way Akhila i like your posts, they make my brain work. Thank u.


  5. Well interestingly, a few days back I read something related….it says Soulmates exist but are not meant to live together forever…they come in our with some purpose, for making us better in something, once its done, they disappear, with a reason or not. That’s how it works.
    You know I kind of believed it.

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  6. Really good story…..but truth can’t stay hidden for too long…and maybe she will accept him now with all his flaws.

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    • Thanks…story was just to create such a scenario…on the truth part, I am totally against lying…but here no one was unauthentic (except may be that girls father), still when the truth was revealed, it created a mess only….I Donno if I failed to express my point with that story 🙄


  7. Nice twist to the story, Akhila. But do not forget truth can never stay silent for a long time.

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  8. But truth always comes out, unless we live in a sanctified bubble. Better to accept the truth rather than hide it. Also human brain has great capacity to understand and forgive… Maybe she does forgive… Maybe they break up and meet again when the time is right

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