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The power of questioning


All the symbols were living happily in their joint happily. They were all doing their jobs peacefully without creating nay noise. And it was a world of monotonicity in a way. No curiosity, no challenges and no questions too.  But the people [symbols] never realized it as they never know the other world of curiosity. So one day a ? (question mark) was pushed out of heaven[or was it from hell] to the joint family of symbols.

Ahh… the miracle started from that moment. People started to question things.. new discoveries were made..the life changed totally..

Questioning is always an effective tool. In fact a question can catch the attention of even a wandering mind completely as our brain always works in the direction of a question it heard.

And yes, “asking a question is a good way to catch your crush’s attention too”

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

29 thoughts on “The power of questioning

  1. amazing! may be you can read my blog too.. 🙂

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  2. That was great. A question, a why… Changes all, shakes all.

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  3. Questions can open up to a world of possibilities. Very interesting post 🙂

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  4. Liked the way you have written about question mark. It has power to change normal situation to chaotic . It creates problem but gives many solutions too.

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  5. Absolutely correct.
    A new question leads us to several answers , telling us the several ways to reach the horizon.

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  6. Wonderful! I love the flow and the way you started to where you ended 🙂

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  7. We are taught:
    Ask a Q, Put data, Check Quality, Transform feature,Find Ans, Use Ans, And Get more Ques!!

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  8. Yes, but then that crush should have a mind and presence to answer accordingly 😦

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  9. Sure the A has all the power but I liked when you said all the A’s slipped out of the alphabet. Ending was good.


  10. ….and then the crush must be smart enough to give a convincing answer to get back the questioner’s attention too.

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  11. Hahaha lol i loved the way you ended!..the question should be sensible enough to capture his / her mind

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