Words and Notion

Observe, Don't just see

The virtual bond we share


Never am I nervous on any harsh realities

But I simply enjoy being virtual

Being virtual in a world of words.

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

102 thoughts on “The virtual bond we share

  1. Enjoy the virtual world, Akhi. Do not forget to enjoy reality too!

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  2. Ma’am something for you as a token of respect and thankfulness….

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  3. Great enjoy the virtual world which is here to stay. Nice words, Akhila

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  4. Virtual in a world of letters and words
    That’s great Akhila
    And I may add dreams

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  5. virtual is the reality, but reality is not virtual….. enjoy both the aspects of life….. cheers…..

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  7. Virtual is newborn but full of potential. Who knows what the future may bring? The older I get, the less I know.

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  8. Yes, virtual is fun but is it enough? You cannot rely on a sole virtual escape to resolve personal fears.

    For example, I may write a blog which thousands may read but if I cannot get on stage and speak in front of a handful of people in reality, then I have not really won over my fear.

    So,yes virtual is great but we mustn’t lose our ability to form bonds in the real world! Nice lines Akhila, but a little reality can’t hurt πŸ˜‰πŸ’•

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  9. When ever I am happy being myself , I enjoy being self. When ever I try to express my self I love virtual world.

    People are more tolerant , they are slightly less judgemental in compare to real world.

    And one thing that makes this world Beautiful and addictive is they love each other immensely. They appreciate others sentiments more than water in a sea, c clouds in the sky.

    We bloggers rarely go personal, never try to know the things , which others don’t want to share.

    We almost mitigate the impact of age, gendor , class , intellectual level .

    We have immense acceptance for each other. When interact with each other we go beyond words and expressions. I believe virtual world here we have more human touch.

    In real world we have huge does and don’t list. If we follow entire guide lines and rules then it’s more of formality then a real connection.

    In real life you can’t talk to a stranger as per our conditioning of our mind. Here we love to exlpore each layer of other side one by one.

    In real world people are busiest then ever . We never talk unless it has some motives.

    Here we come not to gain any thing but just to simply listen the symphony of other heart and soul. It gives so much relief to both listener and Singer.

    I think few above said points are which we miss in real world . We try to complete our self.

    I could remember the lines of one Beautiful song”

    “Pal bhar ke liye koi hummain pyar kar le jhutha hi sahi ”

    We all human soul long for everlasting love , peace and happiness. Which definitely we get within this community.

    Hope you will agree if not with all but few of examples.

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  10. World of letters… i love it AkhilaπŸ˜…πŸ˜

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  11. oh, now i got it, notional friend…

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  12. ah. that was me. but some reality has mixed with the virtual. and some in a happy outcome. πŸ™‚

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  13. I too like it. Once my friend wanted to organize a Blogger’s meet. I told her for me the virtual world was separate from the ‘real’ world :). Not that i have anything against meeting people but somehow I have never felt like meeting any of my blogging friends. Meeting them virtually is fine for me :))

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  14. Can you elaborate and explain please.

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  15. Being virtual is for sure is an escape for most of people but if you enjoy it and still make sure realities don’t strike u, that’s awesome. Almost making good use of virtual reality πŸ™‚

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