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Rest mode is on


“Oh finally it’s over. It’s time to enjoy.. I am free now…I am gonna watch a few movies, then sleep, then what.. Okay, an outing….”

The wishes go on..

We often fall into a false state of mind after the mission accomplishment. The non-ending relaxed mode.

The mission could be an exam, an interview or a tedious project or anything demanded one’s hard work.

Yes, Room for rest is very much important. But usually we have a tendency to fall into the non-ending rest mode. There needs to be an end for this rest mode to enter into the work mode.

Normally one will be having a well set plan till the last day of the mission. But what about after that?

Planning is essential not only for implementation, but also for sustenance. So don’t just stop planning once the work is over. Better to plan not only for ‘mission hours’ but also for ‘after mission hours’. Or plan at least on the very first day of the rest mode. Otherwise days are going to be out of control and very lately only one could realize how he/she wasted the days.

Also, don’t get too caught up in the plan making oneself stressed and ruining a good vacation. Sit back and take a deep breath if things aren’t going as planned. After all it’s all about making oneself refreshed after a heavy work.

So what’s your plan for the holidays, vacation..? Don’t let someone else drive you, making you lazy. Never make yourself in a sorry state to your own mind after the rest period.

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

95 thoughts on “Rest mode is on

  1. Ohhh! This happens with me often. I feel so elated even after striking just one thing off my to-do list 😦 I’m a real lazy fellow…

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  2. This is a much needed one! I always rest after the accomplishment of a task maybe in the ratio of 4:1.
    We definitely need to learn where to draw the lines and start work after some rest.

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  3. Well said. I feel like I need to make sure that I include rest in my day because I think sometimes we feel guilty for doing it when we need it!

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  4. It so seems that you wrote this for me, and I need this so very much, Akhi. I have been on an on and off rest mode totally unplanned mode (more so than usual) but strangely along with all the relaxation and enjoyment, the planned work is going on, albeit with a little bit of hurrying up and running around. I hope the rest of the holidays will be as wonderful as I hope it will be 🙂 Thank you for reminding me that I am on holiday and do not have to let anyone else take over my happiness, after all I myself am responsible for it. 🙂

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  5. Learning not to be driven by what other people are doing is one way to live longer and indulgence in laziness during vacation is simply wonderful.

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  6. Great words, Akhila and rest and holiday are most essential but then one has to pick up the reigns too and planning is very important.

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  7. Planning is important…when you are going to far off places…when in your territory, I like it unplanned.

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  8. I usually need a vacation after a vacation to rest 😁😁😁

    I have this tendency to fit in so much that I sometimes get exhausted..

    Don’t have any holidays planned lots happening around can’t afford to take a holiday. But I must say one should take a holiday for sure..

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  9. From last 3 months I have done nothing😂 I mean I have been all lazy as school have ended and am so happy. Just waiting for college to start so that I can rock the floors 🙂

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  10. Ohh, I have been guilty of going into an unending rest mode after a semester exams and only realized, how I ended up wasting 3 weeks for nothing 🙈. I love the idea of having an end Time to rest mode as well.

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    • you are absolutely right and I am so glad that you caught the real intent of this posr. we spend a lot of time after the exams and all, just relaxing..And feel guilty at the end..


  11. Wow Akhila your posts always have something which has something to teach.

    I really liked this tip. 😃😃

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  12. So true, planning can save later on sorry or guilt feeling.

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  13. If this that much simple do let me know if you are we will great time here !😊😊


  14. How do u know i wasted 3 hours watching YouTube videos today ? Are u spying me 😀
    Well said, planning is important and more is to carry consistency in it, for this my 1st task is to jot down what exactly need to be accomplished in a day and for vacations i plan alot even more than for any big task 😛

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  15. Once u know how to distribute ur time ur good to think of next activities . when u successfully complete a task ,u gain more confidence and wait for the next opportunity. You plan aggressively. That’s called continuous improvement plan. But yeah have some cooling off period too..

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  16. Yep.. rest mode and work mode should go hand in hand together… else our brains will blow!

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  17. Beautifully expressed what to plan and how to plan and what should not be planned.

    Wishing you Happy vacations ahead.

    Now here is my take on your question, one who is happy here and now will have possibility to be remain happy during vacation and can sustain the happiness after vacation.

    One who is not happy here and now may enjoy his or her happiness during vacation, but his happiness is question marked , once the vacation ended. In this case vacation are positive distraction kind of thing. When you are fed up with one sort of activity you get some relief by doing some other action for example watching a movie.

    Now in first scenario when we are Happy here and now for no reason that means our happiness is not dependent on any activity you are doing . You understand that happiness is your very real nature . You enjoy happiness with youself. You donot seek happiness out side in this world.

    You are just observer what’s happening in this world like spectator and least effected by any action or out come or result be it good or bad.

    You understand your real nature and enjoy eternal bliss , never ending happiness be it holiday or you are at office or working in the kitchen or simply not doing any thing.

    Haha lol it’s much big reply but you deserve the same.

    Thanks for giving me opportunity to share small piece of spiritual knowledge. I know I repeat same thing again and again but it’s worth repeating, because this is highest form of wisdom and worth sharing.

    Lol please for give me but you have no escape you have loyal readers like me for your blog. I will keep negging before I again go into silence for months …haha..

    Happy vacations , Does not do any planning , enjoy the life the way it comes to you . Don’t try to swim , just float. Effort lessely allow nature to take decision.

    Just be your true self, alert , attentive, conscious and in ever lasting meditative state.

    The End.

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  18. I think I take a vacation everyday..! work for so many hours and take a break! and then get back! otherwise the mind does not function properly.. (unplug and my vacation is on many times)

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  19. Hey, can we do blog partnership?

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  20. Nice thoughts on rest/vacation…..echo your feelings, I get stressed when there is no work…

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  21. Eat well, sleep well and physical activities or outdoor activities! Preparing our mind one day before work mode!

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  22. Tym to soon get back to college life after vacatuons endng in 2 weeks! Finaly year awaits in college

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  23. My ‘After School Life’ are about to get over. Now gearing up for college ride!✌✌✌

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  24. Actually, the only time I don’t bother abt planning s vacation 🙂

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