Words and Notion

Words Whipping up Whimsical Waves of Notion



Some impulses drive me and make me do that even before I realize what I am gonna do


Author: Akhila

Flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

41 thoughts on “Waves

  1. It never will. My father taught me to listen to this voice at very young age. He also advised never to crush or doubt it. According to him only thos voice is our true guide.

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  2. They helped us many times and save too…they are like someone else is functioning inside us taking our control in his hands…haha

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  3. Sometimes you need to give into your impulses, if you trust them enough. Is it not Akhi?

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  4. Now this impulse made me delete my previous blog.
    I am under the weather as for now.
    Need support once again!

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  5. Power of subconscious. That’s always a beautiful thing in life you must have desired to do.

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  6. It’s an exciting way to live!

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  7. The same impulse will give you the strength to do it as well.

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  8. That is exactly what Jung called the shadow. It is what he meant when he said”Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.
    Great Post!

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  9. Hey hi… I’ve nominated you for the bloggers recognition award. Do check this out.


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  10. Then let it flow, water is the giver of life

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  11. People who do that create history for sure…

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