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Crime is a crime…?


He killed his parents and buried them. After couple of days he surrendered in police station. But media claims that he is still happy about what he has done or he is not at all guilty about what he has done.

The neighboring people curse him for his brutal action, and he appears to be least bothered. No one had a single word to say against his parents, or the parents were such a pleasing figure in the society.

If a criminal never regrets on what he has done, either he must have some solid reasons behind the crime or he must be psychic.

Can our laws make him understand the seriousness of his crime with the punishments whatever it may be. I don’t think that he could be convinced ..or in his perspective, he had done that because of xyz reasons and no regrets on that..

Again here also, the Majority wins….Everyone talks against him, and he is punished. If majority could think in his angle or understand his vision, maybe it wouldn’t have even claimed to be a crime..

Or is it like, “a crime is a crime whatever may be the circumstances?”

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

52 thoughts on “Crime is a crime…?

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  2. What you do not have a right to give, you do not have the right to take. Especially the people who are responsible to have brought you to life. That is a crime and his offense is criminal, without any doubt.

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  3. He’s mentally imbalance but that doesn’t make it less a crime that he’s a psycho. There are no excuses, crime is crime. If his parents had done something wrong he could have sought other means to address his misgivings with them.

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  4. Clue less ?

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  5. A crime is a crime, but this is very thought provoking!

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  6. Hello 😊
    I am very new here. Need followers.


  7. If a person is mentally unbalanced, it’s best to surrender them to a mental institution, who’s to say they won’t harm the inmates?

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  8. Akhila nice. As usual, you brought a question which provokes to think deeper. In this question, crime has two definitions! One based on the legal framework of the land and the other is based on the perception. On the first part, let us leave that to the existing legal framework (of course the framework is made by people and it can be improved. As it is a bigger topic, I am keeping it out of scope!). Coming back to the perceived definition, yes, there can be n number of possibilities! Even if 99 people out of 100 say it is a crime(100th person is he himself!), there could be a possibility that, from his view (and possibly in ‘reality’) is right! However, how do we handle it? We made a social structure in terms of majority and there are such exceptions on either side. Hope over the period of time, the intellect and spirituality take us to a much better situation.

    So the summary is that a) for practical purposes, in the current social scenario, we are obliged to follow existing law of the land. b) On the perceived right or wrong is within minds. If one thinks he/she is right, let it be and so be it!

    എഴുതി വന്നപ്പോൾ ഇത്തിരി കൂടി പോയോ? 😉

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    • Thanks a lot sanil for the detailed view. Ottum koodiyilla☺️
      As long as we are living in the society, we need to follow the rules.. I understand that.. still wish if there could be some actions to understand the underlying emotions behind such crimes..athalle sherikkum vendathu, rather than these punishments and all


      • Yes, agree. Actually that is part of our punishment system. Counselling, awareness, personal training etc. How much followed could be looked into. Apart from these, yes we need improved social emotional quotient. That can improve through kids mainly, who can help bringing the next social evolution to our planet!!!

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  9. We don’t know any reason.. But crime is crime. That man should not take law in his hands.

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  10. I don’tt know it’s a complex situation.
    But I wouldn’t say he was right either, but at least listening to and trying to understand his side would be a good idea too..


  11. I don’tt know it’s a complex situation.
    But I wouldn’t say he was right either, but at least listening to and trying to understand his side would be a good idea too. .


  12. I totally agree with u !
    Criminal is just criminal

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  13. The answer lies in the title of this post.
    A Crime is a crime.
    There could be a million motives behind a crime: Money, Passion, Revenge and so on…
    It could be committed by anyone: an adolescent, a man or a woman…
    There could different interpretations to what happened…
    The media, the neighbors, the relatives, the Police, the rumours…..
    But through all the above, what we are indirectly acknowledging is this:
    That “Life is Precious”
    The very revulsion visible in your first sentence says it all.
    We hate to hear a human being put to death by another human being especially when its without any mercy….
    And asserting this long standing principle, which has become the cornerstone of our society and laws, our reactions follows….
    The Police, after a scientific investigation, arrested the criminal sending out the warning that you have no right to kill anyone…
    The neighbours and the rest repent his deeds and recall the kindhearted victims…again an indirect acknowledgement of denial of brutality….
    The media spreads the news reaffirming the fact such acts need condemnation…indirectly conveying that such violence is unacceptable in our society…
    The judiciary will finally come in with the verdict…of life imprisonment….indirectly saying your right to live doesnt include the right to take another fellow being life….
    And every concerned human being hearing this sad news will tell the little ones to treat others with kindness….
    In this case…..I totally stand with the majority which functions like a clockwork….silently…
    For the culprit…..He can spend the rest of his life in isolation…to reflect upon what he has done…and hopefully realize his mistake….

    But eventually the question then is What is a crime?
    Had this Parricide happened during the times of Great Emperors, it would have been considered normal because palace intrigues and deaths were frequent…And in many ways our reactions today shows how much we have travelled…..Yes we have failed many a times to protect others but through signs like Drive Safe, Alcohol is injurious, Criminal laws and many other things we are asserting LIFE IS PRECIOUS…

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    • We will have to go back to the basic question, “what is right, what is wrong. “… as long as “rights” are defined by the majority, such notions cannot be broken

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      • Yes….What is Right, What is a crime as defined by the society I would like to say…If it was done by the majority it would be called Majoritarianism! And our basket of rights will include new things as we evolve….For instance Gay/Lesbian marriages were once considered a taboo but LGBTQ today have their own set of rights….And what was once considered right too can be questioned….say a Sati or a Caste system and hence can be disregarded or taken out from this basket….
        On the whole its all about evolution of a society and its people….Some try to hijack it but eventually we will progress!!

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  14. I don’t believe in the saying ‘an eye for an eye’. I think it is much more productive and long term solution orientated to try to understand why a person does an action that we as humans find heinous. Punishment on its own has proved to be a failure. I’m pro science/ research and rehabilition.

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  15. Tough and difficult situation. But when seen from the eyes of law a crime is a crime no matter.. especially killing another human.

    But it could be this person had no choice

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  16. Agreed, Akhila with your words and crime sure is a crime but one has to understand the other person too.

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  17. What could be his angle? Nothing, nothing can justify the murder of another life, unless it is someone like criminals who created Nirbhaya.

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  18. He claims that he has no guilt and he looks all happy, may be he is a psycho. Then too he will have guilt. The problem is that he doesn’t want to show his guilt.

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  19. I am desperate to know the reason…

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  20. Makes me wonder, if he felt no guilt, why surrender to police? I think the person is psychotic; mentally unbalanced. Why, would be another story.

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    • Donno if he has a different story to tell….he only stated like, he couldn’t tolerate his father disliking his baby “girl….and people claims the father was a such a nice soul that he always loved the child


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