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Lifeless soul, how sad!


He never cared what is happening around him. Never he looked over shoulders. Never he was seen indulged in loose talks. What to say more, rarely he smiled too….he was not even found showing any gesture of social interactions.

“What a life less soul , he is”, his colleagues pitied him.

“Seems one of his screws is loosely connected”, people sympathized. “How can he be a human without any blah blah chats in life”

But he was least bothered on all such sympathies and gossips

He thought, “Silly people, what do they know about me? Simply wasting their life in all those gossips. When will they understand the worth of what they are losing? Just living if the wind is favourable in their path, spending time peeping over the window of their neighbors. Never you people will understand what I am thinking. So start living, stop cursing me and laughing at me”

After thought: Sometimes Β we feel pity for othes thinking about their poor life conditions or unhappiness in life or anything like that. But actually we are fooled in a way. Those people understand everything including our thoughts. And in fact they are feeling pity for us..how ironic!

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

37 thoughts on “Lifeless soul, how sad!

  1. Strange I put in a comment here, it does not appear now.
    There are the people who are introverted and prefer to keep quiet and give their opinions only when they strongly feel that need to. There are the others who simply love to talk and love people. Then there are the others who find the need to comment, complain, gossip and every situation and person, except them. All these people make our society complete. It is just who you choose to be.

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  2. M living the life of a lifeless soul

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  3. This is the problem everyone and anyone living a humble life faces and it is sad that such people are few and far between; so ultimately one is surrounded by people who don’t understand your brand of happiness.

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  4. So true, few have that sense to extract the sense from non sense πŸ‘

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  5. Well its fine if someone is not on social networking sites…there’s no need to pity them. Its their preference.
    But Doesn’t mean all the people who ARE there, are fake…they have certainly lived the fun first to share it. You know sometimes they also encourage otherwise boring people to do somethibg with their life.😊😊

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  6. I am having only WordPress blog, none of the stupid social media things in life , being a techocrat myself, away from those and people gossiping around me makes me feel, you stupid people don’t know how they are developed and how they are marketed and how they are working πŸ˜› I pity on them, I know how to code these media..

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  7. Ironic indeed!
    And it would be great if people just stopped making assumptions and feel pity.

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  8. Jep, to each his own. Intelligent and nice short story!

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  9. Introverts are a world all by themselves. We normal people never know what’s going on behind those dull looking eyes. Beautiful way to bring the beauty of their natures out

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  10. True words, Akhila and such people are awakened souls that they do not feel even if someone slanders them. It is we the other lot who feel all nonsense in life.

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  11. Wonderful post Akhila! To mind one’s own business is not an easy learning but a must to stay focused on our goal.

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    • Yup…that life lesson is there..focus on our own business without penetrating much in to the comfortable zone of others….in fact that post was a real incident in an office. More to that life lesson, I was drawn into that ironic thought…

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  12. Any “awakened” person knows this… and they won’t be on Facebook, hah!

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