Words and Notion

Words Whipping up Whimsical Waves of Notion



Missing “it” may disturb you a lot in the beginning.😒

There after, no worries, you will get used to that..😏😉


Author: Akhila

Flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

42 thoughts on “Missing

  1. How true…so much said in just a few words..

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  2. Missing it means?

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  3. Doesn’t Missing them and being okay about it, a step into moving on ..:)

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    • Yeah, it’s a step to move on.. but tough if it’s non materialistic..in fact this notion was purely based on some materialistic stuffs., that’s why those “it”😉


  4. Hey do visit my blog and have a look on my new post , it’s on education and 12th board

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  5. Short and sweet👍👌

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  6. ‘It’ can be so many things 😊

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  7. Truth penned beautifully

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  8. How true! ❤️

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  9. Hmm true and you get used to it.

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  10. What have you missed in tbe beginning and gotten used to now?

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  11. There’s a typo, dear. “disrurb” enna vannirikkunnath.

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  12. That’s what some people are afraid of… Getting used to it 😔

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