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My way of meditation


Whenever I try to make my mind stress free cautiously, I could see it going much out of control. So I just live it to that.. let the mind wander wherever it want.. And I will have my eye upon that wandering mind. So once it is relaxed it will be back to me..

If you actively try to control your mind, it will resist. Instead if you give up control, give your mind space and just watch what it does, it will cooperate.


Author: Akhila

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75 thoughts on “My way of meditation

  1. Good morning Akhila! Still reeling under the weekend effect, Monday mornings mind never listens anyway. ☺☺

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  2. Mind is like a child …when watched often changes behavior 🙂

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  3. its a self healing process…..and thats the best part about it…..isnt it ?

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  4. Very true Akhila! I use to walk down the street on a regular basis which makes me more relaxed than this “conscious” meditation.

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  5. This kind of “conversation” always brings up this interesting question: If you are watching your mind, that means you are not your mind, therefore you are out of your mind… 🙂 In my world, I am my mind so I know it’s not my mind that’s doing the wandering, it’s the programming. In my mind I can control and correct that, so the wandering, lesser aspects of “me” (combination of soul programming and physical input) can be brought in line with who and what I am, what I intend to become in order to accomplish my life’s chosen purpose. That takes ongoing discipline… just some thoughts here.

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    • Ha, what an interesting response shatara…i just liked your views…if one is observing the mind, then that one is out of the mind…thumbs up


      • +1. This is where we try bring the meaning of Soul. Simple step to relate… Imagine you are a beautiful valley…. Who asks you to imagine within is soul and mind just does it. So ‘you’ are not the mind. … Continue imagination.. . you are walking and enjoying the scenic beauty…. your mobile is ringing, pick it 🙂
        However, the connection to soul to maintain your mind and body needs the regular meditation.
        Finally, even in case of soul handling it, it is good manage it as it is. Hard push anyways brings things back with more force. For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction. It’s a universal truth. Keep smiling.

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  6. True true. But sometimes it can be dangerous too.. leaving the mind to idle because an idle mind takes us to a lot of places.. 😀😀

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  7. Absolutely true it is better to leave your mind to its own instead of feeding it all the time.

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  8. True mind is like a drunk monkey bitten by a scorpion ☺

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  9. Well stated ..!! Let the mind be..!!

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  10. I try to resisit, it still wanders. I let it wander and it fails to come back. 🙃

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  11. A bit like TM, perhaps, which I do occasionally.

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  12. hahaha…. wandering mind, my friend!!

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  13. That is the main thing Akhila. But everyone is doing other way around.
    I love your technique… 🙂

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  14. There is a whole universe within. Good article 🙂

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  15. Being aware to ones thought can do miracles , being conscious to real self and reaching beyond mind is ultimate path to bliss.

    Thoughts are just thought it’s not you its can’t be you. You are beyond mind.

    Being in peace and always attentive seeing the body and mind involved in act and witnessing the event as happening.

    Discrimination of real self beyond body and mind takes away doership element.

    Once you are not doer then you are in always meditation.

    Walking , talking, bathing, cooking, writing, coding , every thing can be done in meditative state even in dreams and in deep sleep .

    If you are witness to your actions and thoughts then you are nothing but simple sheer awareness.

    I have almost done my backlog work.

    Happy blogging.

    Good night .

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  16. Superrr.. In fact when one initially starts meditating they prefer to let the mind wander and settle on its own. I understood your point 👌👌

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  17. Good evening and thanks fpr the post
    Its true that we cannot stop thoughts entering into our minds but we can always be aware when our mind wanders in stream of thoughts

    Just remember these 3 things before meditating
    1) I am nothing
    2) I want nothing
    3) I do nothing

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  18. You mean to say that we have to set it free first to have control on it later on, but most of the time my mind never want to come back, it always drifts me in my reverie and is happy dwelling in there.

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  19. True words and mind is like that if you control it, it will slip out of your hands and will not allow you to meditate. Leave it and then see what it will do.

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  20. Yeah. You are right. Meditation is all about being at ease, so that the conscious and the subconscious can have free fellowship!
    I also wrote a few lines on meditation. The link is http://www.jerriperri.com/meditation/

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  22. This is a wonderful thought.
    sometimes we do need to let loose our mind an stop controlling it.

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  23. The Sandh guru says these same words and I cannot agree with you more, Akhi!

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  24. Exactly that’s the secret to practice meditation. Slowly thoughts will fade and peace envelopes!

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