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Do you see it differently?


Someone 1: She is my girl….see her blue eyes, speaking our love.

Someone 2: What’s there in that caty eyes..I don’t see anything..seems you are lost in her love..

Hmm.. there are certain facts which we need to accept as such. Say for example, pure water is colorless…do you see it differently?

Said that, many a times we are driven by emotions or passions and we miss to evaluate things objectively..

Actually can we really do an objective evaluation when we are too much attached to the subject?..and moreover we all are biased in some way or other…


Author: Akhila

An emotionally colored and emotionally neutral woman flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of her soul.

36 thoughts on “Do you see it differently?

  1. Your post reminds me of the ‘blue eyes’ that speak volumes in novels. But your interpretation, wow!
    Is not that human nature, to ignore the shortcomings of your loved ones and only see shortcomings in the ones that you don’t fall in the ‘tolerable’ category? It is how we choose to see it, alley Akhi?

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  2. Yes it happens with me. The people who are good by heart always seems beautiful to me. Though others don’t agree with me.
    Physically we Atleast me notice only those who are strangers to me otherwise all known one look beautiful or otherwise only based on their inner beauty.

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  3. Yes true.. this bias makes us say things which we probably don’t mean at all.

    Otherwise why do the same blue eyes or lovely hair etc etc turn awful if you fall out with that person…

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  4. Is it about needing perspective?

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  5. True..we never see or ignore negative things of people or things we love too much

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  6. I think we as humans can never be totally unbiased. A little bit of favouritism does hint our decisions.

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  7. Humans can’t really be humans without being biased. If we were not biased this world would be different

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  8. Actually, since we all are biased, the true meaning of objectivity also differs for each one of us. Something which is logical and objective interpretation for you might not be for me. Am I right, Akhila 🙂

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    • Ah..that’s the subjective way of approaching things… Still there are certain facts which will be same for you, me and anyone as long it is unapproved.. Like stars appear in night only as long as we have sun in day time

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  9. Things that are close to us are we are in love with ,we tend to ignore imperfections or have a tendency to see it as too perfect .

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  10. that’s the basic of novels. If they don’t use colors in eyes how will they distinguish key characters from sidechicks!!

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  11. We often judge a book by its cover rather than going through its contents..the same happens with us humans.. our perceptions matter more than the facts that are just as visible as we perceive.

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    • True that..we are living in a world of perceptive images..in fact the same happened with me, I mean I never opened a particular book just because of the cover…😉..anyway covered it and started to read it recently as suggested by one of my friends

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  12. Yes, I agree…we see things better than they actually are and overlook and ignore the weaknesses and faults of those whom we love so much!
    Sometimes it makes us do a better objective evaluation, but sometimes I feel it forms a curtain and hides the reality and builds up false images in the mind..=/

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  13. Yes dear we are all biased, only love what we want to see otherwise all are not upto our mark and then we gossip and talk about that person or community. We need to rise above all these things which have no meaning if we want to live a life of love and bliss.

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  14. Favoritism. We tend to see things and people perfect when we love them, I guess. 🐰😮

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