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Castrate them


Castrate these dirty creeps. These demons should never think about raping another woman.

Even then, can it balance the crime? Can it help the victim to recover from the trauma?

Imprisonment or Capital punishment is in a way rescuing him. So let him live facing the world, without his instruments of destruction. And be a shocking brainwave for future rapists.

This might be an uncivilized thought. But do they deserve anything lesser?

What else can be done on their inner evil thoughts and acts while their crimes bother them the very least?

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

32 thoughts on “Castrate them

  1. I think my comment might have ended up in the spam folder

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  2. Yes death penalty, capital punishment onnum pora. Castration thanne cheyyanam. Not only will such a punishment make them repent for their for every day of their miserable lives, it will also serve as a severe warning to anyone else who might commit the same crime otherwise. It is my opinion that ivide rules strict aavathond aanu ee crimes koodi varunnath. Pinne oru karyam – crimes koodunnath aayirikkilla but the number of actual cases files koodunnath aayirikkum because people aren’t scared to speak out as they used to be. Ennitt polum criminalsnu venda punishment kittunilla. Kerala public aayitt sex offenders list publish cheyyumennokke newsil vannu. I don’t know if that has been done yet but if such a list were to be made public throughout the country (in all the states) , thereby ensuring that these criminals will be humiliated and left without a means to live for the rest of their lives – then it will definitely serve as a deterrent. No one would dare commit such a heinous crime again. It might seem extreme, inhumane and torturous but ee rakshasanmarkk athu thanne venam.

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  3. I think the best way to teach a lesson, is in the center of the city, with full media coverage on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Tie them and them hammer each of there fingers. I have heard it’s the oneof most painful torture.

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  4. It just disgusts me to listen about such people; every day, every single day!

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  5. It is so annoying that, it took them so long to hang them, they didn’t deserve to live. As an Indian I feel so unsafe living in India, I hate living here, women are not respected or thought of as equals. I am from Bangkok, I find it so hard to adjust here.

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    • It’s not a case in India alone.in many places it’s like that only..she is unsafe everywhere ..better herself to be defensive in her own ways…like more gym practices or whatever she can though there is an inherent limit in muscle power

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  6. Death punishment is a better punishment for even if they castrate them, they still would be a threat to others. People with this mindset can kill, castrate others to let out their anger and are a threat. Capital punishment is the correct way.
    Just because it was such a cruel act they got this punishment otherwise when you listen to news – 100 sec 100 news or of the likes, there are many reported acts of rape with little girls or others and the criminals don’t even get caught and many go unreported for the fear of damage to honour of the family and further torture of the victim in tests and in retelling the incident at different forums ( police, doctors, court etc) and reliving the pain. It’s a sad scenario.

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  7. Absolutely agree totally with your words Akhila but do not forget this is our system and it works the way they want. Here a girl went thru so much and it had to be done there and then but is always a but.

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  8. True.. death is a easy punishment for these people.

    But as I said in ash’s post it’s taken too long to come for these …

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  9. This is such a difficult question eh Akhila? Is death a dis-Inscentive to other ‘men’? Immasculation seems almost like an appropriate justice, but what will they turn their evil hands to? I cannot imagine how a young woman feels after this atrocity and I can’t imagine what could possibly reduce her mental suffering. Maybe locking hem away for life and making them work, contributing good things to charitable causes – but then we have to support them whilst they live in jail…

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  10. This story demonstrates a glaring truth: that man’s civilization is nothing but propaganda. Man remains as uncivilized as ever, or perhaps even less civilized today than eveer. Yes these men are monsters and castration should be mandatory prior to execution – but let’s never forget that most leaders of the worlds militarily powerful nations by proxy starve, rape, murder, commit genocide, torture and dispossess millions of innocent, helpless people every year for profit and personal satisfaction. But civilization forces people to regard these supreme monsters as leaders, and often heroes. If crime was measured both quantitatively and qualitatively, most political leaders, top banksters and corporate CEO’s would be the ones brought before courts of law, indicted and convicted of crimes against humanity. You will always have your “smaller” criminal monsters as long as you not only tolerate, but vote for and support, the greater criminal monsters you call your leaders. There’s the real injustice.

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    • Crime is always a crime whoever does the same..but survival of the fittest happens everywhere.. In a way, its an animalistic behavior.. But thinking loudly, we are all animals..some programmed animals..


      • I think you may have just done a great injustice to animals, Akhila. Animals do not act as people do. Yes, there is the predator/prey process, but what man does is way beyond that. It is not animalistic behaviour, we could probably live with that and not get all twisted over it, but rape, war, genocide, racism… need I repeat, these are demonic activities, driven by powers people continue to refuse to try to understand. These forces are beyond the reach of religion, governments, or any other force, including science and technology which are trying to guide civilization. Either man, as a species, learns to consider the bigger picture in all of its foibles and failures, or it’s destruction, as in, the end, for man.

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  11. Death Sentence it is… however it has taken too long.. our judicial system is too slow in such matters.. and while this was happening so many other young girls, women, mothers have become victims to such horrendous crimes. When will they get justice now..??

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  12. Anything that erases such thoughts and fantasies & mob behaviour from people, whatever the scene! If it is castration then castrate them.

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