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I am proud of you


How easily you adapted to play with the missing notes in the string of altruism

How quickly you chilled and persisted even under venomous attacks of nihilism

I am proud of you, my dear.

Your readiness to cope with the damaging shots in life, makes me venerate you

Feel pity on those senseless creeps trying to upset you, as they will fail for sure

I am proud of you, my mind.

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a self-motivated life-long learner and a self-published author.. She posts technical articles on her blog qualitynotion.com. She runs a personal blog, wordsandnotion.com where she writes about everything from illusion to reality.

34 thoughts on “I am proud of you

  1. It’s always wonderful reading your posts. ❤️😍

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  2. Your mind is as powerful, as strong and as brilliant as you perceive it to be. It is the boundaries that we draw that limits its capacity. Is it not, Akhi?

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  3. wow nice thoughts ..kollaam

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  4. Controlling our mind is a powerful thing. We should be proud when we make great decisions. Not always easy to do with all of the distractions of the world.

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  5. its our mind which can make or break our persona in a fraction of second, I pray to almighty that let there be no such thoughts in my mind which may force me to do any wrong….
    A thought provoking post 🙂

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  6. I always love such inspiring posts by you.

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  7. hmmmm well one needs to be thankful to the mind 🙂 dont know when it will make us do something silly …

    good one mam….


  8. A great way to show gratitude to yourself! 😊😊 our mind is wonderful!


  9. Hmmm nice and good thoughts of the mind that is all with its great thoughts and ideas.

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  10. the mind either deceives you or it takes you on a path untravelled.. yet it controls us

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  11. Our mind plays majority of the tricks, what we actually perceive.

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  12. Very good thoughts, Akhila.

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