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Reluctant to ask..why?


I don’t mind helping you in the best way I can, but I am reluctant to ask for your help though I know that there are people who even like it. (Without having any Secret agenda behind the helping hands )

Have you tried to figure out the reasons behind this reluctance..? Or are you of the other type, ‘no worries to be helped’?

How to ask for what you need is an art. Being in a people driven world, we can’t live in isolation. So earlier the better if one can learn that art. We need to know the reason behind this reluctance, and then only one can decide whether to overcome it or not

So what do you think? Is it due to a thought arising from any of these attitudes?

  • No favour please
  • It’s obligatory
  • Can’t be burden for you
  • I am perfectionist, don’t like the way you do
  • Afraid of the judgemental reaction from others
  • Worried upon exposing my inability
  • My ego
  • Afraid of being confused further after the help
  • Fear of being rejected

Author: Akhila

Flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

43 thoughts on “Reluctant to ask..why?

  1. Is it not a combination of them all?

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  2. Worried upon exposing my inability and I might get confused just after hearing the solution….

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  3. It is really an art and this reluctance is in most of ours behaviour.
    But yes earlier the better..
    We should learn this art.

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  4. I can’t be a burden on others and also I feel shy but my daughter is helping me change this attitude.


  5. I believe that some of those can be the reason why many people hesitate to ask for help or favour of any kind..

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  6. Fear of being rejected, and can’t be a burden for you!

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  7. In my case, I love to do things myself, unless and until I am fully exhausted. I love to research about a given task.

    Like these days, my wife want kitchen cabinets. I have no issue in buying, and we went as well.

    But I don’t know what stuck me, I said, I want to make by myself. So these days, learning myself how to do woodworking and doing things.

    So that’s another angle, it’s not ego or I can’t do it. I want to do it, that I don’t want your help.

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  8. It’s like I know I can do it myself. So I won’t use you for my need. If I can’t do it myself, I’ll definitely ask you a favour.

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  9. Hmmm sometimes ego comes into play and then we would not want to do anything for anyone. Great words Akhila.

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  10. I’m reluctant to ask for help sometimes because if I genuinely return the favor, I’m afraid of causing a feeling of obligation to the other person to reciprocate again. However, thinking again, we should probably just ask more for help as indeed many people like helping very much! Great post, thanks

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  11. I can’t find one in nine . It may b depend on situation. 9 reason has a small role in my life.

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