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I can’t do this; I am a fraud


Am I good enough to proceed with this work? How can I deceive the people who believe in my talents? What if they found out my inefficiencies on a day? Do I really deserve all these appreciations or are they just doing some favour for me? I can’t do this; I am a fraud.

Don’t worry if you have ever thought like this. This is a part of all great achievers like Emma Watson.;)

It was interesting to know that 70 % of the world population have suffered from it at some point of time in their life. They attribute their accomplishments to luck rather than their capability. Most people with this imposter feeling are afraid of ‘being found out’.

May be this is one of the reasons which make people to wear a mask. (Read more on masks at “Unlocking the secrets behind a seductive smile “)

Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon or fraud syndrome) is a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

And many a times this fraud syndrome as well as perfectionism goes hand in hand. And it makes people reluctant to ask for help from others.

Self-acceptance is the only way to overcome impostor syndrome. Give your best and recognize your strengths.

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

52 thoughts on “I can’t do this; I am a fraud

  1. Well, I am dumbstruck, never knew of the impostor syndrome, now I will sit overnight and worry if I suffer from this one!

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  2. I first read about this in the book Lean In and researched a bit. The saddest thing is that women are morely likely to suffer from this – we just cannot accept our achievements at face value and contribute some of it (or all of it) to luck or other external factors.

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  3. We all suffer from this syndrome at some point. At time this syndrome also helps in giving the best.

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  4. Same feeling, sometimes just the same..

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  5. Though luck is always a factor ( even when we do sometimes want to ignore it) but one should always believe in oneself…

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  6. TIL leanred about imposter syndrome and never before. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  7. Self-doubt. Athu enikk nallathu pole relate cheyyaan pattunnatha. The key is shut down all the negativity and keep motivating yourself. This syndrome and perfectionism! That’s so me. It’s like you’ve taken a glimpse into my head. I try to keep fighting, mostly. Idakk onnu pathariyalum, I keep going. Excellent post. Felt good to read this. 😊


  8. Wow.. that’s something to think on!! 🤔

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  9. Received my mind….!! Touched my heart…!

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  10. I have another issue, I sometimes feel over confidence and my boss say that I don’t know my actual capabilities and I can achieve much more.

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  11. God. I am really suffering through this😧

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  12. Great post! But I think that self acceptance is not just about accepting your achievements by also realizing that I’d ok to fail sometimes. we’re only human after all

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  13. Sounds like a very familiar syndrome we all face and come across on the path to success!
    A good reminder post! 👌

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  14. We would do ourselves a big service if we not only had humility but also the audacity to accept our own strengths. Seeing success as a luck factor is such an external thing. We never get more than we deserve.

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  15. Beautiful words and self-acceptance and being aware of what is happening with you and how you can do better instead of going thru these syndromes that pull you down is not going to work. Be in the know and a positive and healthy happy mind will take you forward.

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  16. Self-acceptance is the only way to overcome impostor syndrome. Give your best and recognize your strengths.
    Perfect line

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  17. This is VERY familiar. I do feel like a fraud, always. It is horrible!

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  18. Do I suffer from this syndrome? You’re scaring me. Anyway I’ll take the last point I’ll recognize my strengths and give my best. Good morning Akhila.

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