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Someone is there with me always


The child was sleeping so peacefully with her hands resting on a pokemon teddy while her grandma had that holy book in her hand.

Can you see some irony there? Both are having their comfort objects in their hands.

Is God the teddy for grown-ups, a source of comfort or a security object?

Both are offering a kind of protective embrace, a reconstruction of faith.  For the kid it’s the teddy while it’s a version of God for adults, making them escape from some unknown fear.

Kids escape from the fear of darkness with a teddy. He assures himself “someone is there with me always”, like God for grown-ups.

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

45 thoughts on “Someone is there with me always

  1. Viswaasam athalle ellaaam…. 😇

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  2. But where is my support! 😎

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  3. Wonderfully said! Truly that’s the case…we need a support, a resting place which can keep our fears away while nurturing the hope…

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  4. This is an interesting post akhila as always. But when people believe in intuitions and superstitions, why not in God?After all, you get peace,faith,hope and much more. Only thing is one cannot prove it, much like how teddy is non living thing. But do I really have to prove it?

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  5. A great thought here.
    It is indeed the faith that we have in God that has replaced the teddy.

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  6. It is an amusing comparison but it makes complete sense.

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  7. Completely true notion.We do need someone,something to hold on.

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  8. This post… I just love it!
    It makes me think that each one of us wants that support no matter what our age is. Yes, the medium would differ but the destination will be same👍👌

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  9. nice

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  10. Wonderful post Akhila ☺️. Nice thought. Someone​ is really there for all of us👍👍

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  11. Religion is a teddy bear for adults. We are an infant race. Homo Sapien has only been around for about 50,000 years. In the scheme of the universe that is very young. But the cataclysm from the war of the gods is the reason why religion works so well. Great post!

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    • Maybe we will realize it when the age of homosapience becomes accountable

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      • We need to hold ourselves accountable. We keep looking outside for a savior and keep looking for something outside of us to watch us and take care of us. This is what is meant by “Know thyself’. Nothing is outside of you. We won’t become accountable until we realize how much power we have as individuals. I say it all the time “We are who we have been waiting for”. 😊

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  12. Outstanding…. you are terrific with your thoughts and words!!

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  13. Yes someone somewhere always watches over us, comforts us

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  14. Yes Akhila someone is always there for all of us. Beautiful post so well worded. We all need someone in our lives to love and protect

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