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The rule of Expectations


When the expectations are increasing , we are forced to raise our level.

When the level is raised up, expectations are increased again.

Be involved in that chain reaction.

But when should we employ some control rods? Or Should we?

Author: Akhila

Akhila is a plant-woman breathing poetries, a self motivated life long learner decoding signs from the universe and a blogger bleeding out all the intoxicated imperfections of her soul through words. Her works have been featured in several online publications and anthologies. She is the founder and sole contributor of wordsandnotion and qualitynotion.

141 thoughts on “The rule of Expectations

  1. Read my latest post on expectations! I’d love some feedback, this is my first blog post

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  2. Expectations increase based on your own influence upon it. You will continue to give but after you have exhausted it, what happens, you get crushed?

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  3. No good deed goes unpunished. The better one does there is an expectation that they should do better all the time.

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  4. I think expectation has no limit and it keeps on increasing and eventually, it makes us sad. It’s important to keep a control…

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  5. I could not agree much. Expectations run in a loop indeed. 🙂

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  6. that makes us an aspirational species . isn’t it maam?

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  7. I don’t know in what sense you might have come up with this but sometimes I think that it’s good raising standards but then what if these expectations aren’t met? Don’t we feel more disheartened then?


  8. very true, if you are expecting higher and higher from yourself then you are growing and raising your level up by yourself and i think that’s the way of making your name as big.. as mount everest

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  9. No…can you tell me what kind of materialistic expectation..just one example..

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  10. However, I feel one can lose all peace of mind basing oneself on the expectations of the other

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  11. Till we are not destroying peace and contentment in life level could be increased but not on cost of peace.

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  12. I would say stop expecting. thats the best thing as when you expect your heart is broken when the expectation is not met.

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  13. At all walks of life the level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction is the same. I’ve written a story. When you have a little free time, read it. I’m sure the story has the right answer to your question. http://www.the-criterion.com/V5/n6/Ramesh.pdf

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  14. Hmm 😒??

    Good question ??

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  15. if the expectations are soul driven then you should never stop..growth is the ultimate goal of life..but material expectations should be controlled as early as possible..

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  16. Whether we control or not..expectations mostly out run our levels.. if we fail to deliver as per expectations set it brings in disappointment. Balancing is not easy either.

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  17. Hello nuclear physics student.If you go on increasing the chained reaction,happiness decreases.because it’s inversely proportional to expectations.soo if you don’t keep control rods.ITS OK actually.But one day we will die.when should we employ control rods?There should be greedy meter to measure how long we can be greedy.After that meter break up.we can employ control rods.Actually life itself provides control rod phase.This phase is known as old age.you don’t have energy,or much activity in your brain.so even though you forget to employ those rods.life won’t.

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  18. There are times when there’s too much pressure because of expectations. Sometimes expectations set us up for failures. Expectations can leave us disappointed. On the other hand, expectations can motivate us to work hard. But in my opinion, these conflicting situations are like the two sides of a coin. I guess, in the end – what’s important is to not lose hope and keep trying without thinking about the results. Do the best that you can at that particular moment of time. At least we’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that we tried our best.

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  19. There has to be a balance in everything in life. Great words Akhila.

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  20. We should check out our limitations before going up and up .. everything should have its limits..

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  21. I expect you to come up with such brain storming questions and you excel daily. Do we need control rod?

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  22. Expect less and u will get more…don’t care about others expectation ..always that will mislead u …

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  23. Appraisal mode? 120 percentage of expectation?

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  24. Your post has very deep meaning..control rods…very thoughtful..we all have them.

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  25. Yep…chain reaction indeed. Somewhere we gotto draw own very own lines I guess!

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  26. We should never control our own expectations, only those imposed on us by others.

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  27. Yes Akhila. It’s truly said by you. But aren’t we drowning ourselves by being dependent on something and expecting the same from other person.

    At forget about the other person. Let’s talk about our own self. Oyr inner side. At times, we expect a lot from our own selves.

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  28. Sorry , I had not finished my view and by mistake I touched send button.

    There is no harm in creating a roadmap for life. But instead of focusing on destination enjoy journey. No matter what future has for you. Just be in present moment and enjoy the simply being into the act. For got the result , let it be good or bad. Just enjoy doing in way that you not doer but simply watching whats happening .

    Believe me our real nature is noting but love , peace and happiness. Enjoy your sheer existence. Don’t look for any success , goal or achievement. You are already complete and perfect.

    People who achieve success or accomplish any thing need to understand that nothing is permanent. What ever you will achieve will not remain with you always. Death will take away from you every materials you will acquire through out your life.

    That does not mean you stop performing, but should need to know no action or result can neither make me better or can make me worst.

    Having said knowledge if you expect any thing , that happens fine, something happens other way around that is also fine.

    Now you reach to that state , where you find no control is required at all.

    All negative will washed away, the way flowing water becomes pure and looses it’s impurities.

    Else keep working on millions of issues of life. You will succeed in few hundred , but thousand issues will come again.

    Hope people will understand, what takes away their entire misery and sorrow and realized their true nature as blissful soul.


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  29. Having expectations means looking for future, that means you are waiting some thing to happen, so that you can start living , or actually you’repostponing Happiness .

    But life always happens here and now. Expectations means you want to achieve some thing, want to reach some destination.

    Expectations means you want to acquire some thing. Expectations means waiting for something to happen out side in this world as per your wish. Approach is materialstic.

    Expectations means focus is on external objects.

    Expectations means bondage with some specific should happen what we think is right.

    Need of control means you have infested with doubt that even if you’re expectations from self or from others fulfilled, it may give you temporary relief, happiness or pleasure, but again you will desire same thing in more quantity or quality or you will have different desire.

    Then you start chasing any external object and same thing will be repeated.

    I am not against expectations or controlling them. My point is human life motto behind every action is to be happy.

    People are chasing happiness through their thoughts , desires , expectations and actions. But trying to gain in success or goal. No doubt they are entertained for some time, But not stable or constant or eternal.

    Either we will in past or we dream about future and miss most of the time in expecting desires to be full filled.

    But life happens here and now in present moment, then what is solution ?

    Should we not have expectations, should we not try to control them ?

    Knowing the true nature of thoughts , mind and actions and self can help.

    How ?

    We can contemplate on the basis of our past experiences and people you have lived their life .

    Desires can never be full filled. Desires means

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  30. I don’t know why but this got me thinking about politics and the consumerist society we live in. There needs to be limits on material expectations and more championing of our inherent characteristics and values.

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  31. The thing about your posts is, either they are thought provoking or they radiate a positive energy. A few words, few lines, but a lot of things unsaid coming out of it. 🙂 Good day to you!!

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  32. Akhila, that’s the good thing and bad thing about being human. We have unlimited potential, and we can always raise our level when required. But we are also prone to become greedy, and then it becomes this vicious circle of never ending expectations! So, we must always watch out for the signs, greed is the devil in disguise!

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  33. Haha..closed loop system…

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  34. Well golden rule of marriage , its OK to expect anything and everything from each other.. But if these are taken in a negative way its destructive for any kinda relationship.. Be it a marriage or friendship.. Depends on acceptance level of the other person very much.

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  35. You keep raising your level as per your expectations and not based on other people’s, then anytime you can apply the control rods 🙂

    That’s what I learned from my experience 🙂

    Have a beautiful day 🙂

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