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Introspection -The lost art


There is a cycle of chain. Once we are clung to that, the wheel just rotates until battery drains. Never have we got a chance to look back. What happened to that vision of living a fully intentional life?

Immersed in the daily routine, we often forget to offer a little space and time to our own self.

So the game is on, post your questions for self analysis…let us think on your words…

My two cents…

“What has been the most interesting part of your week?

Can you remember that one thing which made you smile today?”

Let us hear your thought provoking questions and bring that lost art of introspection back.


Author: Akhila

Flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

84 thoughts on “Introspection -The lost art

  1. Yes.. Such talks are very less nowadays. We all are caught up with this mundane way of living.
    Last tuesday relatives visited us, so took a break for four days and spent good time with them. Went to temples and outside for shopping. They returned back day before yesterday. Felt as if such days don’t last long.

    Have a good time, Akhila. 🙂

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  2. What am I for? has lately changed to What can I do?

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  3. The best thing that happened in my week, is not really anything that I anticipated. I find that I enjoy most of it because I am alive, and the sun is shining. I think of all the things I am blessed to be able to access and am grateful.

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  4. Anything that made me smile today?
    I don’t know I have had a very rough week and even the weekend seems pretty irritating but anyways one thing that I look up to is talking to a friend of mine. When nothing works, I think talking things out surely does.

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  5. Sorry to msg here!! Recently I have recently deleted a post from my blog do u know how get back it

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  6. Too good
    Read it twice !!
    Thank you for sharing !!

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  7. Smile often and try not to let others smile unreturned. It will make you happy, I promise 🙂

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  8. Magic of life makes you amazed when you start daily gratitude and introspection….. It is interesting.

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  9. Interesting thing happpend 2 hour before.me and my room mates went outside for shopping.@Lulu mall A boy 4 or 5 year old, He running in the escalator. Suddenly he fall in the flor.bt He stand up.then look into my face and smiled♥♥♥

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  10. I wish I had a genuine smile today, had a terrible day to start with. Hope to have a good week ahead of me unlike today.

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  11. did u meet a stranger today?
    Did you make someone smile or laugh?

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  12. Thank you for the thought-provoking article, Akhila. There is an old program running that turns to brainwashing, constantly insisting that “the routine” is reality and the mind self is nothing but childish imagination. It takes a great deal of effort and serious philosophical work to put the horse back before the cart and insist that the mind self is the reality; that the routine and all the foolishness and horror attendant, is elitist programming to keep the majority believing in garbage, listening to and mouthing lies and putting value in “stuff” that has no inherent value.

    Here’s the test of what’s truly “real” and has value: can you take it with you when you die? Man’s modern world does not deserve to continue. It is not only materially unsustainable, it has turned away from the reality of true morals and the virtuous lifestyle. Hence the corruption in all high places; hence the terror; hence the wars. These are cancerous forces that will destroy this civilization in a relatively short time now. This isn’t prophecy, it’s simple observation.

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  13. After a hectic week, when weekend starts, relaxation also starts for me. I tried a different recipe and got some good feedbacks.. My face is full of smile and happiness from the morning. Your posts are wonderful 🙂 Have a great weekend Akhila.

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  14. Sparkling cleaned my desk and smiles were on my way. 😉


  15. I started writing a short story (fantasy fiction) this week which is out of my genre. And I am finding it interesting. 🙈🙈😂

    The one thing that make me smile every morning: Your posts. 💜💜💜💜

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  16. Beautifully penned . Akhila I am a fan of your writing. This made my day 😻

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  17. Something interesting I like to share is this recurring dream, each night for several weeks now I dream being in a darken room its cold and I cannot see nothing but each time I call out to anyone and my wife respond to me from the darken room. I instantly get happy and forget that I’m in that darken room.

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  18. The one thing which happened something interesting is my dream.As we discussed on your last post about a girl,who always comes to my dreams.But this time something different happened.She happen to have a some two year old daughter,and maybe she is single mom.When I went to her and I try to take her daughter in my hands.When I took baby,she hugged me soo tight.Like she sticked to me like a glue.And when I am giving again to my crush,still she hugged me..I don’t know why this happened..Am I ready for parenting or what??😝 What’s this dream?? But it’s feels soo good because that baby hugged me tight.it’s a different feel in my dream.

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  19. The side effects of a fast paced life.

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  20. It’s early morning here, however I smiled at seeing my loved ones around me. It’s a blessing which we overlook.

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  21. If I want to smile I depend on comedy movies,gone r those days where the smiles were not fake,sad but true.

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  22. So beautiful and your great posts during the week made me laugh and get inspired too. My week too went well and feel nice to be with bloggers too and then daily work. But what to blog and how to is very inspiring for me.

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  23. The most interesting part of the week surely is Friday when you know you don’t have to set any alarm for the next morning and those unplanned weekend plans.
    Family brunch news that’s what I got right now 😃❤

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  24. I’ve already smiled on one good thing of the day😉😉
    But yes, we have lost ourselves in this so called busy life that we forget to spare some time for ourselves may be this is the reason why we all are running short of happiness as the real happiness stays somewhere in ourselves.

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