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She in me asks..


Somebody says, “No man or woman is perfect”.. So what are those top five things you dislike in her or him?

So here starts the world war 3..;)

Author: Akhila

Flying across the space between words and whipping up whimsical waves of notion to discern the quantum code of my soul.

76 thoughts on “She in me asks..

  1. Actually however much I have dislikes in the person in the end I can have nothing to dislike about him.

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  2. I wish I could hate him ..

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  3. 1. I love what I love.
    2. I love what my love loves.
    3. I love those who love what I love.

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  4. The greatest strength of all the women in this world is ‘Tears’. They cry like crocodile & rest, we all know. This is enough right !!

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  5. Sad thing is that i cannot point 5 faults coz i am single ..Happy news is that the arrow points on you abhi so jaldhi pettenu avatea llisting those 5 things that matter you

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  6. My husband thinks I talk too much, but I am just entertaining him 😉

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  7. Looks like someone is up for a good entertainment

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  8. Everyone is imperfect and when they accept that, it becomes perfect. 😆

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  9. Her (my mom)-
    Things I like –
    1- she do unconditional love
    2- she believes in discipline (discipline in the sense health conscious , healthy food , fix daily routine ) that is why I also follow same .
    3- she cooks tasty foods
    4- she is perfect example of idle lady because she is working as well as she manage our family .
    5- my mom never love gossiping like other women’s 😁

    Dislikes –
    1- she never let me use phone at home .
    2- always warns me to return back your hostel or get out from the house 😂(but I don’t care )


  10. Yet to come up to that age 😀😀


  11. Perfection is an illusion we all are made up of mistakes.As long as he realizes his mistakes and make efforts to fix it up.Everything is cool :p

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  12. He seems to be perfect what I dislike.

    PS: Sorry for pissing you off. 🙈😄

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  13. Yes no one is perfect cause we all have our flaws and all are different Akhila so then there are clashes and sometimes we do meet on some ground or the other. Great post.

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  14. I hate her for three things not five–
    i. For bringing out of my solitariness and then throwing me again to the solitariness (shoving me into the darkness more than before)
    ii. For leaving me after showing love is beautiful (now I distaste love)
    iii.For not giving me a chance (does she ever love me)

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  15. In him:
    1. definitely motor skills are better but please don’t be so overconfident
    2. take the effort to remember dates
    3. acknowledge your spouses cousins, friends and relatives, remember their names atleast
    4. keep things in place once you take them for use
    5. don’t take things for granted

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